Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A rose in July is still sweet

in which our plucky heroine remembers that there is still beauty in the world...

like this lovely rose in a neighbors yard, seen early Saturday morning whilst on the way to the farmers market...

The windowscreens here at Acorn Cottage get just filthy, (probably because pulling outdoor air in brings along all the city dust in the air), and it is always a challenge to remove them for washing. The brittle little plastic tabs intended as "handles" break off. Nonetheless, the bedroom screen that intersects the bedroom fan must needs washed, as I couldn't stop coughing last night. Hopefully this mornings messy interlude between the bathtub, the scrub brush, the shower spray hose and me will prove fruitful, although alas will not multiply without further effort on my part...

My bright popover dress is basically completed, save adding capacious patch pockets, and I wanted to try it on and get a sense of how it looks...
As I expected, the hot pink in the print does me no favors at all, as it accents the ruddy rosacea color in my face, and the vivid colors, while very "summery", seem to overwhelm my pale eyes and hair. This will all be taken care of (hopefully) once I overdye the dress with a dull turquoise/teal color.

What I also discovered, via the magic of self timer photo, is how uneven the hemline remains, despite my efforts to level it. The way the dress dips down in the side front is partially caused by movement and the slippy/drapey nature of the fabric, but also, I suspect, that my shoulders are not entirely symmetrical in either shape or slope. Fortunately I had not yet finished the hemline, so a bit more trimming will smooth that line out nicely before I do the last of the finish work.

Just a note to self, for future reference, that I might be getting a toothache... the back of my mouth feels odd, right around the area where I had a cracked tooth six years ago. Perhaps the repairs they did then only lasted until now, and my decrepitude is increasing...

July SMART goals (x=extra)
1 wool apron dress planted tarragonyard waste bin
2 large border block LED light shieldvenetian blind
3 Thora mousie blockharvested garlic bag to Goodwill
4 interstitial block
garlic braided paper recycling
5 pie blocksoapdish bag to Goodwill
6 mini pallet indigo popover seams bag to Goodwill
7 3M enamel washed 1 screen bag to Goodwill
8 bright popover dress x bag to Goodwill
9 x
x bag to Goodwill
10 x x canning jars
11 x x old magazines
12 x x -
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. What a lovely rose and a beautiful dress. Agree it is a bit bright, but only a bit and its so great that you have made yourself something lovely!

    1. thank you Ruthie... my neighbor Karla is a very talented and enthusiastic gardener, and I always see lovely things in her yard.

      I have fixed the hemline on the dress, and once the pockets and hem are dealt with, into the dyepot it will go! The fabric *feels* really nice and silky, and I am rather pleased with how neatly I managed the neckline. Most of all I am grateful that I seem to have a hint of my old mojo back again, and am looking forward to making a few more simple garments for myself. (It isn't that I haven't been sewing steadily all along this year, but most all of it has been clothing for other people)