Wednesday, June 20, 2018

wishful Wednesday - MOAR fan arrays

in which our plucky heroine laments ignorance...

This is a vertical fan array, built by Godwyn, which I designed to fit the sliding windows here at Acorn Cottage, to bring in cool night air all night long whilst also keeping home security unimpaired.

Since he doesn't want to build more of these, I need to learn how to DIY the fans/switch/plug combination to make more of them; if I had three more, I could run fans in all the vertical windows all night long, which would significantly help keep the house just a little cooler in the beastly heat of summertime. The lacy wooden framework, while pretty, is not part of my design specs, and would not be necessary. I just need to figure out HOW to assemble the actual fan guts, and where to acquire the necessary parts/tools/supplies.


Going to make sure that no more of my physical therapy appointments are in the middle of the day (today was at noon-fifteen) but instead early mornings. The difficulty of dealing with transit crowded with workers on the way to morning jobs, and getting up at 530 AM would be less debilitating than riding the bus in the deep heat, and either waiting for transfer in no shade, or walking 10 blocks in the same deep heat. And then doing it again an hour later in reverse. I was foolish, and forgot to take the weather into consideration, and paid for it by losing most of today once I got home again

June SMART goals (x=extra)
1 pickled garlic scapes Isabel apron dress trimsmall crock pot
2 seven baprons Drusa hat trimcracked iron pot
3  undergown Genievievepruned sage yard waste bin
4 undergown for Isabel
pruned forsythia -
5 Norse apron dress Aesacontinued pruning apple -
6 Aelflaed pinafore "brooches" for Aesa -
7 x x -
8 x x -
9 x
x -
10 x x -
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. I am most certainly not an engineer, but those fans look like PC cooling fans? So surplus/recycling places might have some. NO clue about providing power to them, though. Best luck.

    1. They are indeed PC cooling fans, and they, and the other components are all salvage pieces that my friend Godwyn acquired. I have been asking questions of the electronically adept people I know, and will need to learn some new skills in order to DIY something similar. In particular, I will need to learn how to use a soldering iron, which is very different than the kind of soldering I know how to do, which is done with a gas torch. Different materials, very different technique. Fortunately old dog likes learning new tricks

  2. Very nifty fan array. Much better looking than the two-fan window fans I use in my home but they cool the house well overnight. A retired electrician might have a bit of fun helping you with this.