Sunday, June 24, 2018

preparing for calming handwork

in which our plucky heroine sets things up...

It was beastly hot today. Well above 90.

The Tree Crew came early in the AM to check on the adopted trees, and gave me a few Very Useful hints about staking the wee new apple so it will grow nice and straight of trunk, and about how I ought to move the watering bucket to various stations around the quincelings trunk so the roots will get water from various sides instead of only in one place. And that the apple while okay, would probably like a bit of extra nitrogen. And mulch. I am most impressed with our local neighborhood association Tree Crew, and pleased to know that my baby trees are doing okay.

This middle of the day I mostly hid indoors, and as Tullia came over for studio time, this suited us both. She has been making good progress on her apotropaic rings and pendants, and is ever more fearless and thoughtful in her soldering. I have started repairing the Birka enamel brooch which broke years ago and has been sitting in my studio to do pile ever since. A number of small tools seem to have gone into hiding in the workroom, including my two small bench pins and my plastic tweezers. Bah! I shall continue to look for them...

Decided that preparing an assortment of lino blocks and carving sheets to be worked on is a good idea. Having a variety of small handwork, both portable and not, means that small chunks of time between other tasks can be used to further other personal projects long desired but perhaps somewhat "frivolous", by doing activity that I find as soothing and calming as others find meditation to be...

Preparing a new lino block, to use as a border for various central motifs, circular joining blocks, and interstitial designs of assorted small designs. The whole is inspired by 8th-9thC silk samite.
The larger (as yet uncarved) block, is 8" in diameter, the smaller block, already carved with a design of confronted horses beneath a stylised tree, is 5" across. My intention is to create an group of blocks that may be interchanged to create an assortment of polychrome printed fabric suitable for trimming both SCA and modern clothing.

June SMART goals (x=extra)
1 pickled garlic scapes Isabel apron dress trimsmall crock pot
2 seven baprons Drusa hat trimcracked iron pot
3  undergown Genievievepruned sage yard waste bin
4 undergown for Isabel
pruned forsythia -
5 Norse apron dress Aesacontinued pruning apple -
6 Aelflaed pinafore "brooches" for Aesa -
7 blue curtains x -
8 Drusa wool coat x -
9 x
x -
10 x x -
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. It seems to me that you value each minute, and put it to good use.

    1. I never forget how short life is, even before my cancer journey that was always in my mind... and I try and find time to do what I can. The works of my hands are the only legacy I have to leave behind me...