Friday, June 29, 2018

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine is almost done with the current spate of sewing...

For the last month or so, I've been sewing like a madwoman, to make sure that my friends have the clothes that they need for SCA eventing. It has been rather a case of the shoemakers children go barefoot, as I've put off any sewing for my own clothing... so... along with a new apron dress for Drusa, (from some lovely black/indigo textured linen), I decided to also start on some new garb for me, since much of my SCA clothing is almost or at least twenty years old, and getting pretty worn, patched, and threadbare.

I had set aside, until I was sure what I wanted to make from it, this amazing tropical weight Pendelton worsted wool. (purchased last year off one of the flat folds remnant tables at their outlet store, for $5/yd. Listed at $40/yd.) Dark indigo blue with light blue and madder red stripes, so the colors are plausibly historic.

I decided that a new apron dress for me would be a good use, and with careful cutting, I was able to eke out the pieces needed and leave enough of the fabric that I will be able to make a modern tunic top from the rest of the remaining remnants (original purchase was three approximately 1 yd pieces, and one 2/3 yard piece, all 55 inches wide)

The tropical worsted wool is so very light and smooth that I first thought it was NOT wool, as it feels almost like silk, but more resilient. As you can see, it is almost translucent it is so finely woven!


Much to my surprise, I just noticed that the Other Plum Tree, the one outside the bedroom window, has young plum fruit for the first time ever... it is a much younger tree than the Feral Plum Thicket, and was a sapling gift to me from my pal Wanda


This spider is actually very very tiny, about the size of two sesame seeds. It is a Zebra Jumping Spider, and that group of spiders is common throughout the northern hemisphere. Probably bedcause it is so small, I have never seen one before, but this little guy was hanging out on my shingles near the mailbox

Several of my friends think these similar to the sweet YouTube spider Lucas -



  1. It seems to me that your old, worn, patched clothing is "plausibly historic" too! When the fibers for clothing had to be grown, sheared or harvested, spun, woven and sewn, they were cherished throughout an extended life.

    1. Oh very much are the patched and worn clothes plausibly historic, but some of them are so worn and threadbare that the fabric will no longer hold a patch, and in historic times would have been discarded for other uses or given to beggars...

      Indeed, I actually do patch and mend my own modern clothing far more than most folks do!