Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Great Chalk Highway...

IN which our plucky heroine discovers local transportation system upgrades..

Much to my surprise, there were some unexpected alterations in my usual route home... the local transportation system had been repainted and partially re-routed, and the signage had all been carefully replaced!
The local authorities are very thoughtful about the botanical specimens that may impinge on the right of way...
As I approached my house, it was obvious that traffic flow was really important, as were services to travelers, since a new gas station had been added in my formerly unused driveway ramp
Gas pumping station adjacent to but out of the traffic flow...
The new larger roundabout, with gas station, turn out along my front walkway for the fire department, and my favorite part, the landscaped central island...
See... the island in the middle of the roundabout has been carefully landscaped with two large conifers
At the other end of the local road, a smaller rotary includes bakery parking, and a sign beyond which travel is not recommended...

I love my neighborhood!!


  1. Adorable! I love your commentary. When my kids were small and chalking up the sidewalks a grumpy neighbour yelled at them about messing up “her” sidewalk. Public property, lady! And the next rain takes it all away. I still give my grandkids chalk too.

    1. So sorry you had grumpy neighbors... personally I adore and cherish "kid art"... though I've none of my own, my fridge and cupboards are graced with the art made by the children of friends who visit here