Sunday, April 15, 2018

"Proficere lente sed proficere"

in which our plucky heroine makes small progress...

a week or so ago, while I was talking to my neighbor Marianna who was working in her yard, I noticed that one of her beautiful tulip flowers was lying on the mulch broken off. I mentioned it to her, and she told me to take it home; I have been watching it slowly open up from a deep purple bud. Never knew that tulips could have blue centers...

The small ceramic flower holder, made last year in March, now lives on the cupboard next to the front door, and has proven a most Useful Helpful Holder for salvaged yard flowers, from Acorn Cottage or elsewhere...

Today, solved another minor annoyance, and realised I could hang the tune-box cassette player off the wall underneath the window, out of the way in the workroom. Two eyebolts, a bit of time with the electric drill, and a bit of salvage chain from the Box of Random Hardware and the deed was done. Which is eversomuch better than where it had been taking up almost the whole top of the standing workbench. I have several different ways to access tunes, and podcasts, and audiobooks, depending on mood and who all else is around. But my spaces are all small, and fitting the various functions in is a challenge

April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 celtic enamel pelican bathrobe shouldersbag to Goodwill
2 trapunto knotwork taxes donebag to Goodwill
3 pliers rackapple tree pruned spare lawn mower
4 x tunes moved -
5 x- -
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. Yay! Don’t you just love it when a little change makes a big difference in ease and functionality?

  2. Your ceramic flower holder is fabulous!!! Also it looks really great as simply an object.

  3. PS I posted a comment! At last!

    1. Yay!! I managed to fix it so you can get access to comment as well as to see my blog content...

      I was greatly inspired by the ceramics of Cecile Daladier when I created my tiny homage to her work...