Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday music

in which our plucky heroine takes a wee break from enameling...

This showed up this weekend on the Book of Face, and a little online searching also found the associated information which I translated with GoogleTranslate, since I myself have barely any Spanish. The animated needlefelted video is charming:
"I offer this work to the general public but especially to the little ones on behalf of the ancestral peoples." Mariana Carrizo Doña Ubenza, is the song with which the flag of the original woman is raised. The coplera and performer Mariana Carrizo presents the video clip "Doña Ubenza", song by Chacho Echenique, performed by EL Birque animaciones -, directed by Juan Manuel Costa and animated by Agustín Touriño. Mariana Account "Doña Ubenza lives in all the women of this land. She was a woman from the puna of Salta; Shepherdess, spinner, weaver, salt worker, laundress, among other jobs she carried out to raise her children. He washed the clothes in the springs, in the little pockets of meltwater, while he sang jokes that cut the cold and hardness of the fate of his race. "Chacho Echenique, the author of this subject, says that when he was a child he mother was a school teacher and Doña Ubenza took care of him "I never saw a smile as beautiful as hers. It was overflowing, as white and immense as the salt flats at our feet. "

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