Thursday, March 8, 2018

some Thursday thoughts

in which our plucky heroine starts the day a little damp...

If one hangs the linens laundry out on a perfectly delightful afternoon of sun and wind, and then forgets that they are out there... and wakes up in the night to the sounds of the attic ventilators whirling and the thump of rain on the south awnings... it is sure that yesterdays laundry is going through the Eugene Rinse Cycle! Though I no longer live in Eugene, it still sometimes catches me. And since the rain is forecast to go on all day, I scampered out the back door and gathered all the flannel sheets up and bundled them into the electric dryer. Air dried sheets are eversomuch nicer, since they smell of air and not of heating coils, but needs must....

Although I have the third pair on the needles currently, new ideas for variations on the Log Cabin Mitts keep bubbling up:

Since there is more yarn in the box of random stash, a few more pairs might need to happen. My current pair is called "Skystone Cabachon" for how the bright turquoise is surrounded by grey and off black, like the stone in a decorative silver setting. I think that the pair with the single stripe down each section is going to be called "Royston Ribbon" for the type of turquoise that is cut with one or more distinct bands of color in a larger neutral matrix.

On the way home from the bus stop, down at my feet was this vivid springtime greenery... euphorbia starting to bloom, and daffodils almost ready.

Happy International Womens Day to one and all!

March SMART goals (x=extra)
1 stone wool mitts hook added to mirrorside-
2 - quince tree planted-
3 -- -
4 - - -
5 -- -
6 x x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. My current house has a car port type affair over the backdoor, too narrow to regularly use for even a very small car but fantastic for drying laundry. I have a retractable laundry line which coils away when not in use. It is fantastic! I love the smell of things which have been dried outside in fresh air.

    1. I have a small carport on the North side of my house... I had thought about adding a laundry line under it, but have been stymied as to how... A retractable line seems like it would be ideal! Thanks for the suggestions, and I am going to go do some online research....