Saturday, February 17, 2018

Year of the Dog, or the Crafternoon that wasn't..

in which our plucky heroine is sad...

in honor of Lunar Year of the Dog, which started yesterday, I decided that the Crafternoon this month would have an Asian potluck theme, mostly because I also wanted to try making these pot stickers, that my sister in law Barb made for their Superb Owl shindig.

Assembling the pot stickers was much easier than I imagined, given that I could purchase the wrappers at Hong Fat grocery over on 82nd; making the wrappers is, I imagine, the hard part. (also, and incidentally the ginger hands at the market there are about three times the size of the ginger at my local market, and a lot fresher) Actually filling and folding them did not take as much time as I expected, and they freeze well. I will probably make them again. In a while. Because no one at all showed up today, so I have a LOT of uncooked pot stickers.

I did cook up a few of them for my lunch though (and they were delicious), and made some progress afterward on the final edge-binding on my Alabama Chanin style cardigan, before I succumbed to my sad heart and decided on an afternoon nap. Tomorrow is hopefully a better day. Not sure if Crafternoon is an idea that has run its course? Maybe a more specific invite with RSVP rather than the open house mode? I try and remind myself that it isn't about me, but merely that my friends have busy and complex lives.

tasty savory homemade pot stickers


  1. They look delicious. Its a shame that you got ready and no-one came. More specific RSVPs sound like the way to go if you are going to carry them on.

  2. That is just the worst feeling. I'm so sorry they didn't show. I definitely would ask for RSVPs if you do it again.

  3. A friend of mine experienced that in any group people often just don't show up. She decided she would take it upon herself to call every member of every group to remind them of the upcoming meeting. It makes all the difference in the world to make a group on-going. More work for you but maybe you could enlist one of the members to do the calling in exchange for something you give her.