Wednesday, February 21, 2018

wardrobe Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine does a bit more wardrobe planning...

After finishing my floral cardigan, it is time to start thinking about the rest of my 2018 SWAP sewing, as there are another 2½ months in which to finish seven or eight garments. I am feeling a bit of a disconnnect between my actual wardrobe needs, the SWAP requirements, and my desire to sew from stash. What my wardrobe is in real need of are four more popover summer dresses, 4 more pairs of cropped leggings, a few tops or blouses, a fleece jacket, a handknit cardigan, and some other random things like a new nightgown, bedroom slippers, some fingerless mitts, and a sunhat.

My current difficulty is that the pieces of knit fabrics I have, suitable for cropped leggings, do not coordinate with my SWAP, as I have it set up currently. The rayon fabrics I have for making popover dresses are mostly not solid colors. I am debating acquiring some indigo fabric dye and using that to solve the dilemma. It also occurred to me this morning, on the way out through the snow to the hen yard, that I could use some of the chunk of black velour to make a pair of black leggings, with the pile on the inside they would feel delightfully cozy!

I also did some croquis revision, since sketching out my ideas is easier with a template... I have a croquis I made and printed out back in 2009, but somehow in decluttering and reconfiguring my computer/office zone, I misplaced it. A bit of time with Photoshop, and I have a new page for wardrobe sketching. I took the original image, resized it, and set six of them on an 8½ x 11 page. After printing that out, I realised that it would work better if the croquis outlines were barely there, so I went back into Photoshop and reduced the contrast and increased the brightness, which gave me a page with pale grey outlines. Exactly what is needed, and will work better for my purposes than any storebought option. As I wrote nine years ago: "While it doesn't look much like what you see on a pattern envelope or in an advertisement, it looks a whole lot like what I see in the mirror..."


With great effort, I am gradually getting through the emotional logjam that has been making my actual work really difficult. This week I started on the Goutte de Crystal/Red Hart pendant, as that is one of the two studio projects that have been "on backorder" for some time now. I think that scheduled specific workshop time every day will help getting back on track.

February SMART goals (x=extra)
1 Slavic scroll blank deck broken downcracked water barrel
2 another A/C sleeve dwarf pine plantedbag to Goodwill
3 grapefruit marmaladebathrobe patched landscape cloth
4 Seville marmalade croquis revamp yard waste bin
5 new garden bed- -
6 blood orange marmalade x x
7 17 dishcloths x x
8 finished A/C cardigan x x
9 red deer enamel
x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. The red heart is lovely. Some workshop time every day sounds sensible. Warm leggings are a great way of keeping the nether regions cosy and hopefully not too slow to sew.
    My SWAP has lots of garments in it but doesn't fit the rules. I'm finding the colour things quite challenging.

    1. I'll finish building the pendant setting for the enamel as my studio work this week, it gets a simple setting with a crystal teardrop hanging from the bottom. The cropped leggings pattern is quite speedy to sew, as it can basically be run up on the serger, except for the hemming. I only made them last year because they fit the needed garment plan, but have found them incredibly useful this winter, and am making them part of my ongoing wardrobe plan

      If I didn't already have a good set of coordinated clothing, I would find this SWAP easier to create, or if I was willing (and able) to buy solid color textured fabrics to fill the spots, instead of pulling from my resource center. As it is, I am going to be sort of stretching the critera to make a place where the rules and my wardrobe needs can meet...