Wednesday, January 17, 2018

seems like there should be a kanjii for that...

in which our plucky heroine turns a difficulty to opportunity...

Still struggling to find a good way to store the sudden abundance of canning jars released into the wilds of Acorn Cottage by the massive pantry declutter, it occurred to me that filling at least some of them up with assorted new foodstuffs would solve part of the problem, as they could then return to the pantry shelves, in the correct category for their contents. This strategy will also begin the process of using up some of the stored fruits and vegetables in the chest freezer and transforming the aforesaid into condiments and comestibles, all shelf stable.

One thing I had not made recently came to mind: Awesome Sauce... This is a sort of cross between sweet chili sauce and tomato ketchup, and is based on this recipe for British chili jam. It never comes out quite the same way, but is always a delicious treat. I decided not to cook down tonight's batch quite all the way to jam consistency, and currently have eight 4oz jars cooling down on the countertop. The combination of garlic/ginger/chilies/fish sauce in a sweet/tomato/vinegar base will be a good addition to the condiment shelf.

I've been working on a carved block to use printing trim for Vanya; the desired image being a Viking Age style bear holding a hammer, in representation of his smithcraft. The bear is just 2" across. My hope is to trade some of my textile embellishment and creation skills for some forged ironwork; that way we both get something desirable!

The other blocks, the dotted circle, and the interstitial quatrefoil, will be useful for all sorts of additional printing, being sized, for example, to also work with the laser cut horses I made for myself last year... Later on this year I am hoping to do some block printed fabric for new SCA clothing for myself... my garb is in dire need of refurbishment before summertime camping season comes around again.

a towering pile of blood orange marmalade, prior to being labeled and put away in the pantry... I love how the peels glow in the early morning light. Next up on the list is grapefruit marmalade, probably next week. Sadly, it seems unlikely that there will be any organic Seville oranges this year, none of the shops say they will be getting them in. It is always dicey, between the vagaries of agriculture, and the fact that here they are a niche item, even among the niche of organic produce. There are just not so many marmalade making maniacs! I did leave name and phone number in several places Just In Case.

This morning I noticed that Boneclaw Mother had a rosy comb and wattles, and this is what I found inside the chicken house! Early in the year for fresh eggses, but the girls are done with their moult and looking nice and shiney again, and I have a fresh egg for breakfast.

This is the earliest I have had eggs start up again so far. I'll be curious to see when both hens start up. Nanny Og is still pretty pale in the comb, so I don't expect to see two eggs a day for a while yet... Still, at this time of the year, even a few eggs a week will be very welcome.

January SMART goals (x=extra)
1 A/C cardigan back worm bin beddingbad corduroy
2 12 jars canned pears restring amber Laurelpaper recycling
3 A/C cardigan fronts Dad slipper fix boxes of tiles
4 24 flannel baby wipes hang envelope holder old bookcase
5 blood orange marmaladeDad slipper resole wood scraps
6 12 jars awesome sauce x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

Today's gratitude: hidden beauty, which is often found if one only pays a bit of attention...

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