Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday snippets

in which our plucky heroine strives for a bit of balance

There have been a few journeys, some in-town and others longer and further afield... the shortest, to Costco with Wanda and Lainie, helped to restock my pantry with sugar and paper goods; said sugar will enable more transfer of stored produce from the freezer to jars on the pantry shelves.

Currently underway is a batch of strawberry-rhubarb sauce, aided by a sale this week of organic frozen fruits, which augmented my meager strawberry stash. My intent is to use the rest of the frozen tomato for more Awesome Sauce, which condiment was received with delight by my hen-minding neighbors. And, after that, will be several batches of plum sauce, as the freezer has a surfeit of homegrown plums which can become both sweet jam, and a savory sauce similar to hoisin sauce

Before leaving town last Tuesday, I took the time to pattern, cut out, and stencil the sleeves for my Alabama Chanin cardigan. I am trying out both a new type of fabric paint, Jacquard Textile Color, instead of Jacquard Neopaque. The texture of the paint is much thinner, and that, combined with my finding my long lost stencil brush, meant that applying the paint went a LOT faster this time. Truly, an actual stencil brush is eversomuch nicer than using a piece of sponge, I didn't get paint all over my fingertips and have to keep stopping to wash them, and it was a LOT easier to get an even application of paint.

Spent three days up in Olympia at the Mud Bay House. Always so wonderful to see my friends there, and their baby Kestrel has grown immensely in the months since my last visit in November - the hat I made, which was so big then is almost too small for baby noggin, and I shall have to search my supplies for suitable wool and fur to rebuild it. They now can both hold up their own head, and follow along things with their eyes, as well as grab and fling items to the floor! Most definitely, a child whose natural expression is a delighted and charming smile, and I am quite smitten.

No long life goes on forever, and we were all nonetheless surprised and filled with grief to hear of the death of Ursula LeGuin. There were tears. I was grateful to be with friends; hugs and knowing that others also grieved made the pain more bearable. I rarely feel it personally when people of renown must leave the bright world, but LeGuin was, to me as well as to many others, a lumianary personage in so many ways, not just as a writer, but as an example of humanity. We will not see her like again... Her words have been a light on many paths forwards to a multiplicity of ways of being, her tales shone on ways of thought and action, and by reading, helped me and others to grow more thoughtful and ethical...

In the previous week I also went to a CMAG meeting on Jan 16th, where my friend B gave a presentation of tips on how to photograph metalwork and jewelry. It was good that there was someone I knew, as going to a group where I know no one there would be difficult, even for a topic in which I have great interest. That weekend, Marya and I went down to Adiantum for Midwinters Feast. Just a quick overnight, we stayed with Yseult in her lovely home, and much discussion of archaeology took place. The feast itself was very tasty, the new feast steward did an excellent job, and I learned from Yseult how to do the 12 strand braid from the Skjoldehamn belt find

grateful: for friends who include me, and help me travel from place to place

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