Sunday, December 3, 2017

gifty wishlist which our plucky heroine attempts to make things easier for those who don't already know her pretty well....

This list is an ongoing work-in-progress, since like each year for the past several, I've been participating in Daegmar's Sekrit Santa gift exchange... It is actually pretty difficult to find objects that fit the requirements: keep the exchanged gift either handmade and/or homemade, or if purchased to be $20 or less); since most of what will make a real difference in my life are not things, but the gift of time and the sharing of some resources, rather than actual "stuff".

It seemed a good idea to provide both general guidelines to what I like and do not like, as well as a modest annotated list of assorted Useful and Delightful things:

Random wishlist notes:
my favorite colors: The kind of blue that you get from indigo: nightsky and dark denim. The greyish color of natural linen. Taupe. Grey. Soft dull turquoise. The dark black brown of some kinds of undyed sheep wool. Bittersweet chocolate brown.

In general, food is not a Fjorlief treat and neither are scented things. Our plucky heroine does not particularly like chocolate and is allergic to cherries and hazelnuts...

I mostly do not collect things, in particular I don't collect acorn kitsch, even though the house is named Acorn Cottage; I really do NOT collect chicken things, even though there are often hens in residence...

Annotated wishlist items that are less than $20, in no particular order:

Tool Girl can never have too many tools. Lee Valley is most reputable, and has a delicious selection of tools and trinkets:

This julienne peeler - might be a good way to add additional texture to my veggie salad consumption, I can imagine carrots or beets as tiny shreds of color and nutrition.

These adorable boxwood storage tubes would be most suited to storing needles and pins when traveling, which since I stitch whilst riding transit, is pretty much every day.

These smaller pocket size DMT pocket diamond hones would be very handy both for sharpening knives, and for grinding down enamels.

Wake The Dead's combination of celtic style instruments and arrangements, and Grateful Dead songs, makes me really happy. Any of the three CD's would be a nice addition to the Acorn Cottage library: Wake The Dead, or Buckdancer's Choice, or Blue Light Cheap Hotel

These are the best knitting needles I have ever tried. I love their subtle grey wood colors, and the black cords, and they knit like a dream. Lykke Driftwood circular needles I could really use 40" in sizes 2, 2.5, and 3...
...and someday I would like to replace my collection of random needles with their Standard set of interchangeable needles but that now strays into the far beyond $20 territory...
...more spendy wishes
This sewing room clock is a clever use of recycling vinyl LPs, good not-kitsch graphic design, and would be perfect for my sewing space!

Digger Omnibus, by Ursula Vernon... Because I love it, and I love her writing

It would be a very good addition to the infrastructure here to acquire an extension ladder. One that is long enough to reach the gutters, or the attic hatchways, and strong enough for someone that weighs over 200 lbs... must needs do a bit more research as to what would be suitable

new mattress - my current mattress, while not terrible old, has become terribly topographical. I had the chance to sleep on one of these Casper mattresses in the guest room at my friends house, and it was excellent! (slept through the night, didn't wake up all achey and contorted) My friends have had one in their own bedroom for months now, and it seems to be holding up really well

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