Wednesday, November 29, 2017

the smallest Viking hat

in which our plucky heroine makes baby Kestrel a wool hat...

I gathered the parts to make this, red wool flannel for lining and binding the edges, green striped handwoven wool for the panels, assorted wool floss for embroidery and assembly, and narrow strips of sheepskin for the fur trim. The bird design is my take on a stylised kestrel, done as a somewhat Viking-esque motif

This will be a five panel hat, and now that the embroidery is done, the lining fabric is basted in place, then trimmed and turned to the front, and stitched down neatly

All five panels are attached at the center, first. Then I basted the edges together so we could make sure that it was a good fit on the baby, before I did the rest of the hand stitching.

The central finial was made from heavy wool felt, and embroidered in designs inspired by the granulated metalwork of the Viking Age original hat toppers. I did add the tassel, to make it a bit easier to get a grip on the hat when picking it up

Final view of the completed tiny baby hat. The fur (sheepskin) is attached to a separate band, applied over the bottom edge of the hat, and the whole thing is designed so that when it becomes too small, it can be taken apart, and the panels used to decorate a larger hat for Kestrel. ...Handmade with love, to keep someone warm this winter...


  1. Cutest baby hat, certainly a conversation starter! Make one for a baby boutique, you could sell many of these!

    1. Glad that you liked it... Kestrels parents are dear friends of mine and also, like myself, are active in the historic recreation community of the SCA. Given that the hat took me three+ whole days to make, it isn't really something that would be cost effective to sell - I only do this kind of handwork for love.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way its been constructed so it can be repurposed later. That's really thoughtful.

  3. What a lovely and lovingly planned hat for baby Kestrel who looks warm and regal.