Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday thoughts

in which our plucky heroine has a slightly better day -

Last night I started taking an online class, taught by my pal Kaðlin (who is an actual scientist) on research techniques and skills, which is an area that I feel sadly weak in, considering all the years of education in my past. But still, never too old to learn more. My activity in the SCA involves not only making interesting things, but in studying what was done in the past, and sharing that information. Getting better at doing the research will allow me to also be a better teacher!

I also took a weatherisation workshop this evening, which involved riding over to the Old Kenton Firehouse in the rain. While some of the workshop was more like review (good to know all the things I am already doing "right"), I did learn a bit about weatherstripping I didn't know, and everyone eligible got weatherisation kits that include things like pipe insulation for water heater, outlet insulation, door weatherstripping kits, and nice sturdy window film kits that are reusable and removable (unlike the cheap ones that gets stuck on with tape and heated with a hairdryer). It was rather a challenge riding my bike home trying to keep the large bag full of useful supplies from falling out of my rear bike basket, but I made it home safely. Looking forward to some additional weather-proofing of the Very Drafty Cottage. Incremental progress is still progress...

The pair of anti-tree-rat mesh cloches to protect my salad table plantings from the depradations of the nasty squirrels.. some bird netting, flexible plum branch whips, and a bit of hardware should let my efforts actually grow undisturbed....
Cut off the lower few inches of green onions, and replant them... I have been doing this for years on and off, and it is a great way to get more green onions pretty much indefinitely... The winter greens, kale and mizuna, which I replanted after they were torn from their first planting by tree rats, seem to have mostly taken root and started growing again. The bird netting has kept them safe!


I am starting to look forward to drawing every morning...

10. gigantic

11. run

12. shattered
While #10 and #11 were really easy, #12 was really difficult for me to come up with an idea - I was pleased to finally combine various medieval figures to "tell a story" (the tale of the unintended vegans), and created the naughty dog who stole the whole joint of ham entirely out of my imagination.

October SMART goals (x=extra)
1 fig cottage syrup (jam) repot lg spider plantwood scraps
2 puzzle ball toy pinafore mendedø
3 laser cut name pendant U-lock loosened ø
4 laser cut horses Sterret scribe ø
5 braided knit ball toydestem elderberries ø
6 five Inktober drawings treerat mesh cloche #2 ø
7 four more Inktobers planted green onions ø
8 another three Inktobers x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. Not many of us can outsmart squirrels, but you're doing a good job. Have you had any success with keeping them off tree fruits?

    1. I have not had them really do much with the apple tree here, and feral plum produces so much fruit that I hadn't noticed if there were squirrel depredations. They seem to ignore the wee fig tree. If I was really serious about protecting fruit, I would invest in what the British call a fruit cage, and what folks in Idaho called a deer excluder, which is basically a huge walk in and roofed over mesh "room" that you can grow berries and fruit inside of... I make do with chicken wire and bird netting and such... am about to get the garlic in the ground, (a little late) and cover it first with mulch and then with wire mesh