Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday thoughts - the unholy wall and other tidbits...

in which our plucky heroine continues incremental improvements...

The west workroom wall had many holes remaining from removing the redundant shelving, ever since deciding that craft storage shelving taller than can be reached without a ladder was not ideal, both for reasons of convenience and for reasons of excess... It took, over the last few days, several tries with the gloppy spackle to fill the holes, but eventual success was not in question. Rather than sand down dried spackle, I simply use a very slightly damp sponge to smooth off any rough edges.

Today I found the most likely grey paint can, and after MUCH stirring, ended up with suitable paint to dab over the patched areas, and the wall is quite improved. Next up is continuing with adding in side walls to the remaining shelves, and then "tracks" to guide sliding door panels. Eventually I will have nice safe earthquake proof cupboards instead of open shelving, and then it will be on to a second pass of decluttering, and finally creating doors for the other shelves still needed to store supplies, materials et al...

Library Makerspace saga: my struggles with Adobe Illustrator, while frustrating, were eventually successful, I hope. Will find out in a few days. Having to make an instructor chosen project is also frustrating, but I totally understand the rationale - that way we learn a bit about how to use the program, without also going all over the map, in the very very short time frame we have. The other assistant tech pointed out that she thought I would really enjoy the abilities of the petite CNC machine they have there for carving blocks for printing - I asked if there were any plans to make access available for adults (since I can't really masquerade as a teen!)...

Look what showed up on my doorstep Tuesday!! Three wee maneki-neko, which had been wrapped up carefully with a card wishing me a happy day, the whole thing neatly sent with the most gorgeous decorated address label. Thank you eversomuch to my online pal Cricket!!
...while I am not usually one for collecting things, I do have a very *small* collection of maneki-neko that are less than 1" tall. And amazingly these three bring my count of unique and different wee maneki-neko to *sixteen*!!

Largest are just over 1" tall, smallest are just over 1/2";
made from paper, glass, porcelain, composition, and synthetic rubber

October SMART goals (x=extra)
1 fig cottage syrup (jam) repot lg spider plantwood scraps
2 puzzle ball toy pinafore mendedbag to Goodwill
3 laser cut name pendant U-lock loosened bag to Goodwill
4 laser cut horses Sterret scribe bag to Goodwill
5 braided knit ball toydestem elderberries bag to Goodwill
6 five Inktober drawings treerat mesh cloche #2 bag to Goodwill
7 four more Inktobers planted green onions bag to Goodwill
8 another three Inktobers wheelbarrow tire yard waste bin
9 three more Inktobers west workroom wall x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. You have my heartfelt sympathy for your struggles with Illustrator. It is no doubt very powerful but I don't find it at all intuitive to use, and can only tackle it to the accompaniment of much could language.

    1. *that should be foul, not could. Cursed autocorrect!

    2. tee he he... autocorrect is so peculiar! I tried to send a recipe to a friend, and it persisted in turning "avgolemono" soup (a favorite Greek style soup made with lemon and rice and chicken broth) into "demonology" soup!

      The only thing that gives me hope is that I do remember how much I struggled to become conversant with Photoshop, which even now I know I only scratch the surface of what it can do, but I am comfortable with poking around in it and use it all the time. Not sure how much of my difficulty is because Adobe Illustrator, and how much is because Mac instead of PC...