Monday, October 30, 2017

Sunday snippets

in which our plucky heroine makes actual progress...

The Wastekeep coronet project has been a very long time in the works, and will soon be completed. For this I am most grateful, as I have been "general manager", and understand a bit more why the renowned Mr Dawson delegated that aspect to me... Still, the final part of the project is in my hands: to create the shaped, silk-covered padding that will enable the coronets to be worn in comfort, protecting hair from being caught in the hinges, and evenly distributing the weight of the multi-panel coronets.
the outer layer of striped blue and gold silk is yet to be applied; this is the inner padding of multiple layers of woolen felt, (the bottom edge of the coronets will rest on the visible extended lower edge of the padding for greater comfort when being worn)
... a closer view of the constructed inner layers for the coronet padding showing the multiple shaped layers of wool felt stitched together. Indeed this is almost a form of tailoring, and I am rather just making it up as I go along, since there are no "instruction manuals" for creating things like this...

The padding, visible here in its "uncovered" state, (as I double check the fit at every stage of the process) will finally be stitched in place once the decorative outer striped blue and gold silk covering layer has been added. There are tiny holes, just visible along the bottom edge of the panels, to allow the padding to be securely connected, and eventually to be removed and refurbished or replaced.

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