Saturday, October 21, 2017

fun with laser cutting

in which our plucky heroine is out on a most blustery day...

while normally weather like this is perfect for indoor chores and creations, today was also the final day of the Intermediate Digital Design for the Laser Cutter workshop out at Rockwood Makerspace, which is about two hours each way on transit, fortunately with only one transfer, and that one has bus shelters! There was enough time this morning for me to not only cut out the tiny wooden box that was our assigned project, but to do a bit more with Illustrator and use what I had learned in class to create and cut out another piece:
This circular motif, which is intended to become another block for fabric printing, is about 5" diameter. It will need to be glued to a sturdy backing board first, as the openwork makes it relatively delicate. My inspiration for this design, which combines a leafy wreath with wee pomegranates, was this 4th to 6th C silk samite woven fabric. I took a drawing I made (that was a quarter of the circle) and then copied, mirrored, and joined it all together digitally to create this design and prepare it for laser cutting... I very much hope that there will be additional Library makerspace access granted to adults, as this is a wonderful resource as well as great fun.


  1. Yours is really nicer than the original. Related to that, the Inktober drawings you've shared this month have been a treat.

    1. Aw thanks... glad that you have been enjoying my Inktober amusements!