Wednesday, September 27, 2017

wishful Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine takes steps against treerats...

I basically have nothing nice to say at all about squirrels. As far as I am concerned, urban squirrels are just rats with fuzzy tails and good PR. Some of my neighbors feed them. If I had some way to discourage them from hanging around my yard and destroying my efforts at edible gardening, I surely would...
This is what it looked like on my front porch last week. They dig holes in any open dirt available in planters and tear stuff up that is in their way. I had actually started planting, and came home later that day to see carnage! Earlier this year, basically all the tomatoes in the backyard were eaten before I thought they were ripe

so, some whippy plum sprouts get a second life as a framework to hold bird netting up off the mizuna and kale starts. I hope the starts survive their rough beginnings...
I need to set up the other half of the salad table the same way, so I can plant some more starts in the other side, probably green onions (easy, just plant the lower two inches from a bunch or two from the store) and some chard, if I can find some starts still available
One of my mend and repair project was completed today - a treerat-resistant enclosure for the autumn greens newly planted in the salad table. I had been meaning to do this earlier this year, time gets away... Fortunately I have more of the wee pipe brackets to set one of these up for the other half of the salad table, the plums throw up lots of shoots, and I have LOTS more of the bird netting.

September SMART goals (x=extra)
1 dark pelican enamel declutter workroombag to Goodwill
2 tweedledee poncho declutter workroombag to Goodwill
3 color wheels standing workbench box of wool fleece
4 charter painting treerat mesh cloche yard waste bin
5 Jen paisley pinaforex recycle paper bin
6 new back door table x yard waste bin
7 x x freezer mysteries
8 x x ø
9 x x ø
10 x x ø
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x


  1. Good luck with controlling the tree rats. My local NextDoor participants have been showing photos of holes in their screens made by squirrels. The squirrels come into the house and escape with whatever foods is handy, sometimes it is avocados!

    1. Wow! I guess I should be grateful that the squirrels stay outside Acorn Cottage...

  2. Ugh. Squirrels. Hates ‘em! They went through my netting so I used small dishes of rags soaked in jalapeño pickle juice to discourage them from eating my vegetables. Worked well but there’s still nothing I can do to stop them from cutting off and biting into every single last walnut on my tree before they are even ripe! Evil creatures. If I can’t eat the nuts at least I can still dye with the hulls.

    1. Glad to know I am not the only one that dislikes the little rodents...Pickle juice...hmmm...

      My neighbors have a walnut tree that overhangs my yard. The only walnuts I have ever been able to harvest are when they are first forming, not good for eating the nuts, but can be used to make nocino (walnut liqueur); when the walnuts are ripe, the treerats get all of them, sigh

    2. nocino recipe (green walnut liqueur)

    3. I just saw nocino on Instagram. We're planning to try some next year. As for the squirrels, I agree totally. The one year the apple tree in our yard produced abundantly, they ruined the whole crop in an afternoon. We were planning to start picking within the week and came home to carnage. As Louisa said about her walnuts they cut the apples from the tree and took one bite out of each one. Perverse little critters. In Arkansas we turn them into dinner. I know that's not an option with the urban ones.