Monday, September 25, 2017

media Monday

in which our plucky heroine improves working conditions...

in the last two weeks the temperature has dropped 30 degrees, from the high 90's close to 100F, down to a high in the mid 60's. While I prefer these temperatures, I also feel like I just might crack from thermal shock. Still it is a treat to be able to pull out my beloved pinafore dresses again, and think about retiring the popovers til next summer...


a new plywood top (on a venerable table base custom made for me by Mark Cornell decades ago) is now a standing worktable in the workroom, just as I had envisioned it. The LED light shoplight installed earlier this year will light this bench as well as my own smaller seated bench barely visible on the other side of the file cabinet.  There is still work to be done on decluttering and organising this wall of the workroom but gradually the space becomes more and more useable, both for my own handicraft and for being able to teach others

Using the former back door table base for the standing workbench required a replacement back door bench - which we created from assorted salvaged wood, with only a few dollars needed for assembly hardware. This bench is a bit narrower in both dimensions than the former one, so there is room between the bench and the house to neatly tuck away most of the long-handle yard tools.

Lower shelf has salvaged fridge drawers to store things like garden gloves etc... I plan to add some hooks to the upper crossbar at the back, to hold things like the chicken food measure (wooden bowl visible on the lower shelf) Still need to add some rope anchor loops to keep the yard tools earthquake safe and vertical, and anchor the bench to the fence. Bit by bit, order and usefulness keep encroaching on Acorn Cottage.

vignettes of medieval lifestyle as well as info about iron production


September SMART goals (x=extra)
1 dark pelican enamel declutter workroombag to Goodwill
2 tweedledee poncho declutter workroombag to Goodwill
3 color wheels standing workbench box of wool fleece
4 charter painting x yard waste bin
5 Jen paisley pinaforex recycle paper bin
6 new back door table x yard waste bin
7 x x freezer mysteries
8 x x ø
9 x x ø
10 x x ø
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

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