Sunday, September 24, 2017

assorted Sunday snippets

in which our plucky heroine is has a busy weekend, with much culling, consolidating, decluttering and reconfiguring...

Blue Cedar House helped me, and in addition to their usual effort on the yard, which looks amazingly tidy (weeded/mowed/raked - the broken branches from the plum thicket went into yard waste, the fallen plums into compost) thank you Mindy! we also tackled several aspects of the workroom

photo partway through dealing with one of the two shelf units; they are going to be rebuilt in a more visually calm and earthquake safer (ie closed shelving with sliding doors instead of open shelf) configuration. I removed the two topmost shelves which I could only barely reach even when on a stepladder, and am keeping the lower three shelves to a height I can reach the contents when standing on the floor.

This was a perfect opportunity to look through everything on those shelves. There were a few things better suited to Goodwill, and a number of things that were either not supplies for handicraft, or that obviously had elsewhere homes, they got moved. Other things needed to be repacked in smaller more easily accessed boxes. (for example, rather than one huge box of textile art supplies, there is now a box of fabric paint, one of dyestuff, one of speedball textile ink, and one of carved blocks for printing) I am getting closer to my goal: with supplies organised and at hand for the activities I want to do and to teach.

The side panels are all cut to size, as are the tempered masonite doors. Still a lot of smaller cuts for blocking and cleats, to mount the sides and make door slides, but that is within my skillset and tools. I had Mr Blue Cedar do all the cutting of lumber and sheet stock.

These are the empty boxes, formerly also on the shelf in the previous photo, that we either consolidated the contents or sent the contents to Goodwill

In addition, the table base formerly just outside the back door got a new plywood top, and moved indoors to be an additional standing workspace in the workshop, just as I had envisioned it, AND there is a new slightly smaller table outside the back door, build entirely of salvaged wood parts already here in stash! so I don't lose the functionality of a spot outside the door to set down laundry basket or chicken food. I rather designed it on the fly, looking at what was in the wood stash already, and Farbjorn valiantly built it to my specs. The only thing we had to purchase was about $2 of hardware. It will be a more useful place to store some of the smaller garden tools etc, and there is room on the side between the table and the house, to tuck away about half of the long garden tools neatly (hoe, shovels, fruit picker, etc...)

and, in addition, before I forget, we also did a sort and clear of the food freezer contents, and removed all the mystery items, and everything obviously outdated, which created another bag of compostables. I have realised that if I create leftovers, or make broth from leftovers, that it would be better to eat it immediately rather than put in the freezer "for later"... Plus, very exciting, found some assorted packages of ham, bacon, and burgers in the depths of the freezer that will be good additions to current meal planning

Earlier this week, I continued my frustrating journey to create a pattern for a woven top that fits me comfortably, a project I have attempted several times in the last ten or fifteen years, so far unsuccessfully. This is my third muslin of this iteration, and I am actually pleased so far, although I have yet to tackle the most difficult part, the dreaded sleeve!
. .
These photos show that the horizontal balance lines are actually pretty horizontal, and aside from some subtle fitting issues still showing (uneven neckline, and some excess fabric in the upper back, and at the top of the side panel, the bodice actually fits me. Which would be great, if I wanted to make a vest. But I want a blouse, or shirt...

Sleeves are tricky, once you step away from the standard measurements, and I want a sleeve that I can move my arms in all directions, so as to be able to do my vocation and avocation without impediment. The sleeve pattern that goes with this Tabula Rasa jacket/shirt pattern is a cut on sleeve, and it binds my arm quite unmercifully as drafted. I am debating not only recutting it with more ease in the bicep, but also whether to add a gusset, a swing back gore, or both


September SMART goals (x=extra)
1 dark pelican enamel declutter workroombag to Goodwill
2 tweedledee poncho declutter workroombag to Goodwill
3 color wheels standing workbench box of wool fleece
4 charter painting x yard waste bin
5 Jen paisley pinaforex recycle paper bin
6 new back door table x yard waste bin
7 x x freezer mysteries
8 x x ø
9 x x ø
10 x x ø
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x
15 x x x

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