Sunday, August 27, 2017

scavenger hunt Sunday

in which our plucky heroine makes progress...
my pal Randal organised "The Epic Photo Scavenger Hunt", as an online challenge between August 1st and October 31st. There are 67 items on the list, I had six the first week, the second week added another ten... the third week added five more, and this week added six more -
17. five
I noticed that the eggs from Boneclaw Mother and Nanny Og (my backyard hens) made a lovely design. Even more than I like the five eggs, I like the five different reflections in the steel bowl of my kitchen scale.

36. a silhouette
Farbjorn installs the cloudlight panel above my entryway. What pleased me about this image was the different levels of lighting, from the silhouette of his head to the way the light played along the panel with hard and soft shadows on the ceiling...

42. a sunset
setting sun seen through heavy smoke, view from Willamette bluff across to the west hills, early in August, when the smoke from multiple fires across the PNW blanketed the city.

47. a freight train
in front of Kate and Dublin's house, the train tracks are busy with freight trains, and with passenger trains. Caught this one in the morning while we waited for the eclipse to start.

48. an empty parking lot
New Seasons Arbor Lodge, just after closing, at about 11:05 PM

59. front page of newspaper
I'm hoping that this is the most exciting newspaper front page to show up between now and the end of October, I much prefer natural occurrences to politics.

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