Thursday, July 20, 2017


in which our plucky heroine wants to add decoration to all the things...
Whilst at ATWW earlier this month, I took a class on "kolrosing" (a method of decorating wooden objects by incising lines with a sharp knife, rubbing charcoal into the cuts, then smoothing the surface to allow the design to be visible)... when I got home, I realised that this one wooden spoon in my kitchen would be an ideal candidate. It is a quick, fun, relatively easy way to add simple embellishment to everyday objects.

a closer look at the handle of the wooden spoon decorated with an interlace pattern

There is not a lot of information out there on how far back kolrosing goes in history, primarily I suspect since the objects so decorated have not survived. Here is one article that attempts to document the process. The process is similar in some ways to tattooing, and also to scrimshaw.


  1. Nice work! Thanks for the info and link to the article. I didn't know what that technique was called. Turns out I have a Sami spoon with kolrosing in bone on the handle. A gift from a friend now deceased.

  2. How pretty! You express yourself in so many pleasing ways.

  3. Very cool. My mind went immediately to scrimshaw, and to woodburning. I know that woodburning is different but the design you did reminded me of wooden spoons my son made as Christmas gifts a few years ago. thanks for sharing!