Tuesday, July 25, 2017

darkness not at noon

in which our plucky heroine reflect that it is often darkest before the dawn, or at least seems that way in contrast...

And with that in mind, I am hopeful that the upcoming total solar eclipse will at least be fairly notable here in Portland, since we are quite close. I foolishly did not make any plans to be ensconced somewhere along the actual eclipse path ahead of time, thinking, oh it is only an hour or so away from here, I could day trip with friends... Hah! the forecast is for world class traffic jams on the roads, so staying home seems sadly sensible. It does appear that it will become quite dark here just after 10 AM PST. There is a charming eclipse "simulator", as part of a joint effort with UC Berkeley and Google, where you can type in your location and get a general sense of what will be visible.


  1. Very cool eclipse simulator. I sent it to lots of people. Where do you find such interesting things?

    1. Glad you liked the eclipse site. As far as where do I find things... in general I think that I just have a really diverse group of friends and people in my social circles, so oddly interesting stuff shows up both on my FB feed and in the blogs I read, and I like to pass on the things that seem to be to be of general interest. And, well, blogging is my secondary hobby, after SCA and sewing, so I spend a fair bit of my unscheduled time online.