Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine embraces antinomy....

After two days with no improvement, my trip to the actual eye doctor didn't yield any new insight, but she was not terribly concerned about how my eye was doing, so apparently her exam turned up nothing obviously scary? Just told me to keep on with the warm compresses, to keep taking the antibiotic eye drops, for 10 days instead of just 5 and to use artificial tears (ie eye lube) to help with the soreness, and that the swelling should gradually go away? I don't know whether to be relieved or worried that there was no obvious reason for the continued discomfort... maybe today will be better? There is somewhat less swelling in the eye socket, but still obviously something not right...

sometimes, I get so very weary, because everything is wrong and we have killed the planet for humans and it is all over but the mopping up, and stupidity seems to be winning... finding a bit of brightness, a bit of thoughtful attention to beauty and hope, reminds me that maybe being tired and overheated doesn't help with maintaining equanimity and resisting destruction, that just because I can't see any good outcome doesn't mean that there is none...

This poem brightened my all too warm nighttime:


This is rather a record for me, that this month I have completed thirteen garments (not for me, but sewing commissions): six undergowns, three undertunics. two pairs of pants, one embroidered tunic, and one apron dress with block printed trim.

June SMART goals (x=extra)
1 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelvingbag to Goodwill
2 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelvingbag of corks
3 Farbjorn undertunic wall anchor shelving bag of corks
4 Thora undergown back for kiln table bag of wood
5 Asa undergownx floor lamp
6 Asa undergown x workshop lamp
7 Thora blue undergown x bag to Goodwill
8 Genivive undergown x bag to Goodwill
9 Vanya tunic x paper recycling
10 homemade homegrown
strawberry rhubarb sauce
x paper recycling
11 Vanya pants x x
12 Liz undergown x x
13 Liz apron dress x x
14 Liz block printed trim x x
15 Farbjorn pants x x


  1. Wow a lot of sewing. Hope you eye is better very soon

  2. Lots of sewing - wish I was getting that much done!

    Eyes are important, I send good thoughts for healing your way...

    Thanks for sharing the video - poem - beautiful!

    --Jean Marie