Wednesday, May 31, 2017

P's and Q's, continued

in which our plucky heroine shares the tale of the completing of the first original scroll...

When we left off, I had completed the sketching of the overall design, prior to transfering it to the bristol board of the finished piece.
After checking that the calligraphy will fit in the space allotted to it, as shown here, the overall design is lightly penciled in, lines drawn to guide the writing, and the final calligraphy is done...

Then the whole design is inked in, to provide guidance for painting the decorative border

I am loving the Finetec metallic paint, which is easy to use and quite reflective, albeit hard to photograph well. This bright gold color is called "Arabian Gold", they make an assortment of metallic colors and iridescent paints

a closer view of the metallic paint

Once the base colors are filled in, (as shown here almost completed), additional details will be added, decorative patterning and diapering of the backgrounds, shading of clothing, feathers on the birds, and features for the faces, and then an additional detailing with ink outlines as needed...

The completed scroll is a piece of work that meets my ongoing criteria to create things I myself would be pleased to own. There are all sorts of small details that I hope will bring a smile to the final owner, who will be gifted this scroll to commemorate the honor of being StormRider champion for the last year, for the Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver WA)...

tiny bird, a butterfly, decorated metallic initial letters, and a closer look at some of the fine line painted detailing

another tiny bird, a small hunting scene, and part of the foliated border vine. The callligraphy is about 1/4" tall, for an idea of the scale

a small droll snail/person hybrid holds a shield with the heraldry of Susan de Winter, as part of the righthand border

A final look at the completed horse and rider design on the lower border of the scroll, with shading and linework details. I also hid my initials in the tree bark

and last of all, a close view of the large initial, 2" tall, with golden metallic paint, a diapered background, and whitework decoration. There were many rabbits in the manuscripts that inspired my design, so I saw fit to include one here... The original that gave me the idea was on this page in the Book of Hours, St Omer


  1. Alison, your artistry is incredible! Beautiful work.

  2. Fabulous job, Alison! Hope she appreciates this treasure for all the work you put into it. Love all the little details!