Thursday, May 11, 2017

infant fruit

in which our plucky heroine notices that there may be some Useful Contributions to the steading come this autumn...

Despite the very wet weather this spring, it appears that there may possibly be apples to harvest this autumn. Somehow, between the raindrops, some apple blossoms got pollinated.

Even more surprising, since the feral plums bloom even earlier, there are tiny tiny green plum infants on the trees.

Not to be outdone, the feral grapevine is throwing up new growth along the fenceline, and there are tiny clusters of what could maybe become grapes?

??? what do you think, is this a grape flower? baby grapes? I have no idea... I figure that if the vine simply provides me with some grape leaves to make dolmas then it is earning its keep. Grapes for verjuice would be a nice extra.


  1. Don't know anything about Oregon grapes, but our Wisconsin grapevines sent up buds like that. They will have teeny-tiny blooms and then, eventually, grapes. Yay! Hope yours do the same ;-)

    1. That would be exciting! I have no idea what sort of grape this is, as it showed up in the middle of the backyard two years ago... we transplanted it to next to the fence last year. Frankly I will be happy with it irregardless, since I plan on occasionally using the leaves to make dolmas with (Stuffed Grape Leaves, very yummy) so actual grapes would be an extra added benefit