Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday tidbits.

... in which our plucky heroine is grateful for friendship...

Started the day off by riding my bike to the post office to send out my assorted tax forms and checks, as today is the final day to get envelopes postmarked. Living in a place in the city where so much of what I need is within an easy bike ride, and having lived here for over ten years, which means that assorted people like postal workers and store clerks recognise me, makes it feel a bit like what I imagine living in a village might be like.

took advantage of the intermittent weather to play hooky to head over for a visit to Drusa... on the way from the bus stop to where she lives, this quite spectacular conjunction of magnolia + red dogwood caught my eye.

I wanted to see the changes she has been making in her workshop, and to catch up on various ideas we have for projects and products...

If there is a contest, Drusa is winning. We are both putting effort into reorganising our workshop spaces... this whole set of shelves in her shop looks just beautiful, with supplies and projects in process all ready to hand. Right now the various woodworking machinery is pulled away from the other walls while she adds some light-colored paint to brighten up the space.

Her tine boxes project has moved forward a bit, with some of the boxes having neatly cut and rabbeted bottoms, and another group of boxes formed and stitched. She also has quite a few sets of wooden tablet weaving cards cut out, and I am eager to try working with them once they are finished. The design that showed up on the FB Historic Tablet Weaving group page, for a tabletop warp weighted loom, is hopefully going to be something we can make up to try out, and Drusa said that it will be possible for me to build my own, with her mentoring me! Whoo hoo!

Sadly, as I was away from home, I missed intersecting with Bill, who on his way home from southern Oregon, stopped by Acorn Cottage... he did, however, leave a bag with cheese curds from Rumiano's tied to my front doorknob... as well as a phone message giving me a heads-up as to the gift. The cheese will be part of lunch tomorrow.

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