Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday snippets and a Very Pretty Remnant

in which our plucky heroine has a rather busy few days...

It has been that time of year when despite whatever my fancy, necessity requires a great deal of arithmetic... yes, time to do all the taxes. (federal and state and city oh my) A few days of calculations and totting up columns of number and filling out forms and forms and more forms. Rather a lot of annoyance rather than difficulty. I am grateful for the fact that however thin the pocketbook, there is in fact, enough set aside to actually pay my taxes, and that every year however low the numbers, my businesses all take in more than I spend, which is the definition of "not a hobby" in the eyes of the revenue service.

Once the math was all done, and all the associated errands to the copy store and the post office were done, I put in some time on the my current custom commission work in the studio, a very interesting variation on a Laurel medallion... since it is a gift, I will not be revealing the images until my patron gives permission, as I am careful to never spoil the surprise.

The weather has become even more springlike, and there were a few clear days this weekend, so I rode my bike to the grocery store at least once a day. Yesterday I cleared off the workroom table so there was room for open studio time (today, Zenobia came over to work on her enameling). Did the usual wash dishes and do laundry, plus it was not raining so I could hang the laundry outside to dry which is always a plus.

Decided on Friday to start training the hens to come up the ramp and into their house when I call them to do that... this is going better than I had hoped, as they are already getting the idea. Why, you may ask, am I doing this? Because last week when my pal Dayna and I wanted to go to Katelines house, it was evening but not yet dark... I spent about 40 minuted trying to chase the hens around the henyard to catch them and stuff them in their house before they wanted to go to bed... not fun at all for me or for them; much easier if I can reward them into doing what I want

I also started mending/patching my grey popover summer dress, cooked a quiche for todays lunch, went downtown to get a free gift box of spices from Penzeys, and put in a bit more work on my new denim pinafore. Today I spent most of the day being mentor to Zenobia in the enameling zone. Oh and yesterday I also put in almost an hour of removing dandelions from the front yard... a useless but vaguely satisfying task... it does make the yard look better and since I am allergic to the dang things, feeding them to the hens is a better plan.

Going to put in a bit more time tonight hopefully getting the denim pinafore closer to done, I have not given up on my hope of actually completing SWAP 2017

Once every few years the neighbors at the top of the street have a yard sale, and is always worth looking at. Last time (three years ago) I snagged an interesting tablet woven belt with tassles and braid, from somewhere in Central Asia... while I sadly couldn't bring home the dress form (150$ plus no real room here for one) I found this lovely almost half yard bit of real silk ikat in the 50¢ bin! The colors coordinate really well with the SCA gown I am currently and gradually putting together, and will add another layer of embellishment.

These are so not my usual colors, but sometimes the materials lead and I follow where they go... in this case it all started with the remnant that became the embroidered yoke background, which was originally leftover from some handwoven Ikea fabric that I used to make a tunic for my father to wear when my family came to my Laurel elevation... that fabric asked me for green leafy vines, and then it wanted red deer instead of my usual heraldic horses... and so it went... There are now embroidered cuffs with some of my blockprinted trim added, and and the embroidered yoke, ... and some trim for the shoulder seams using a fragment of blockprinted fabric that Marya gave me, cut into narrow strips in a most Viking Age fashion

Hoping to have this put together by tourney season


April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 pottery buttons mat/frame woodblockyard waste bin
2 soap dish mend grey dresspaper recycle bin
3 painted bowl taxes done -
4 geometric flower holder x -
5 3 enamels for Ex x
6 Darylee overdress x x
7 x x x
8 x x x
9 x x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x


  1. That is indeed beautiful silk ikat. I like the way you invite your fabrics to speak with you to bring forth an enhanced incarnation.

  2. Sounds like a busy, productive, and most excellent weekend! :)

  3. Dandelions in to chickens = amazing eggs out of chickens.