Monday, April 10, 2017

Media monday

in which our plucky heroine does her best to remember that the world is still full of sweetness and good cheer and beauty, as well as sorrow and grief...

This is just a wacky bit of cheerful fun, (particularly if you like The Talking Heads)


Sweet scented clematis blooming on Karla's alley fence. I love this variety of clematis, and tried repeatedly to get it to flourish on my front walkway fence, but despite my best efforts the plants did not survive. Karla has amazing "green fingers" and all kinds of interesting plants in her yard. I suppose that if I had made plants my avocation, I would have better success, but in truth, I can enjoy them every time I walk between her house and mine. We do not need to possess something personally to enjoy it in the common spaces - and that is one of the best reasons for caring for and adding beauty to the world.

Given where I live, and our common springtime weather, this drawing from Incidental Comics "Philosophers in the Rain" seems very appropriate...

an old favorite lullaby (written by James Taylor);
and sung by David Buskin, an old favorite folksinger...

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