Monday, April 3, 2017

media Monday and other musings...

in which our plucky heroine enjoys springtime...

There is something amazing about being able to walk outside on a clear spring day, and even in the heart of the city, to smell the sweet scent of tree blossoms and the the green earth waking up. My ornamental plums are a glory to behold right now, and my heart is eased momentarily by the simple act of walking out the front door and standing underneath them and looking up into a cloud of pink fragrant flowers and tiny deep red unfurling leaves.

The white violets are done for the year, but the pinky-purple ones are all flowering and there are assorted buds happening on some of the other spring bulbs. My tiny star magnolia has a few stars on it this year, I suspect that the harsh winter did not make it happy, but it did survive, unlike half my euphorbia. And, in the back yard, the apple tree is showing signs that there will be appleblossom later this spring...

Had a chance today to stop off at Drusa's wood shop and view the progress on the tine boxes she is making. There are more of them, and she has picked out compatible wood for their lids and bottoms. Woodworking is not a fast process, and I am looking forward to seeing how they all turn out. I have been encouraging her to also make assorted smaller wooden items for sale to SCA people, shuttles and threadwinders and tablet weaving cards and suchlike. She has also started making a few of the Norse bag "handles" and will have some of them available this tourney season.

She has, in addition, been doing some urban wood salvage of tree parts damaged in this winters snow, and has some greenwood to experiment with, maple and birch, for making coopered buckets and other delightful possible future projects! I will continue checking in with her, and am hoping to swap sewing expertise for woodworking skills...

an assortment of tine boxes in process...

Good progress has been happening in the workroom, but as the commissioned projects are gifts, the images of those will have to stay hidden for now. In addition, this weekend I spend a good chunk of time teaching some introductory metalwork skills to Tullia, and open studio time with Zenobia. Tullia wants to eventually be able to add greater realism to her Roman era historic re-creation, and making unique component parts of jewelry that are not commercially available is one of her goals. It was also my first time teaching metalwork skills, as opposed to enameling. We decided that her learning to solder would be essential; and she took to it with aclarity. These are her first soldering efforts, which I call quite successful for her first time driving the torch!


The problem with having so much fun mentoring folks in the skills I have is that it also has me looking at supply and tool catalogs, and finding nifty useful things for the workshop... currently resisting spending money until further decluttering and organisation happens in the workroom, but there are several things on the wishlist... quite frankly, I am sort of a tool junkie, and have been my whole life. Just look at this gorgeous jewelers saw frame, which several of my metalworking pals have and enjoy... These titanium soldering clamp blanks look mighty useful, and there is an article with instructions for how to customise their shapes... even something as simple as this slide gauge will be a good addition to the workroom capabilities, and this blog post has good information about how to use it in various ways. I may have to promise self assorted tools as rewards for meeting various personal goals! Positive reinforcement is a good thing...

The world is so full of talented dedicated artists who put in a lot of effort and time to create beauty. I am filled with gratitude not only for their efforts, but for the world of technology that allows me to even know that they are out there, and to see even a small bit of what they offer to us...


April SMART goals (x=extra)
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  1. Your student Tullia created very pretty interwoven loops of metal, a tribute to her and to you and your teaching skill. And where on earth do you find such fascinating videos? I've got to show these to my grandkids; I'd love to entice them away from video games.

  2. Aw thanks Carol! re: assorted media videos... often I will find things that other pals of mine have posted on their Facebook feed, and sometimes in following those links onto YouTube or Vimeo, I then find other unexpectedly fun things to watch... cannot spend too much time doing suchlike, since it is a rabbit hole that will swallow as much time as you allow it to.