Friday, April 28, 2017

a small bit of home improvement

in which our plucky heroine makes gradual improvements...

There is a small cupboard/shelf, made from an old wooden box, between the two chalkboards in the workroom, where I store the wee little assorted porcelain and glass dishes I use to hold damp enamel powders when I am enameling. As part of my ongoing efforts to at least partially earthquake proof Acorn Cottage*, this last week or so one project was to create a door, well actually sort of a "lid", to enclose this shelf when the contents were not needed.

Last weekend, Farbjorn cut a leftover piece of the MDF chalkboard to the right size to fit over the front of the cupboard, and we also cut some scrap wood to create a lip at the bottom of the cupboard to give the chalkboard scrap a place to rest. In addition, another bit of salvaged fancy molding was added to the open side of the cupboard to prevent anything from falling out the side. There is no such thing as too many chalkboards as far as I am concerned, and the decorative molding is pressed with a design of acorns and oak leaves (even though the acorns look more like turnips!)

Earlier this week, Drusa let me use her scroll saw to cut out the pieces for the door bar and brackets. I have a small stash of beechwood components salvaged from Ikea as-is, nice dimensional solid wood with a pretty grain. The fact that it is already cut into notched pieces does not preclude cleverly designing other things that work around the pre-existing cuts. I realised I could use the cut away parts, trimmed and laminated, to create brackets to hold the bar in place across the front of the cupboard lid.
The final touch, once all the parts were sanded, assembled, and attached, was to use the woodburning tool to detail the decorative Viking raven heads, which form handles to remove and replace the wooden bar-the-door...

*  My goal is to stabilise everything in the workroom, since we live in an active earthquake zone. Shelves need "batter boards" at the very least, and my intention is to give storage areas closed doors whenever possible.

April SMART goals (x=extra)
1 pottery buttons mat/frame woodblockyard waste bin
2 soap dish mend grey dresspaper recycle bin
3 painted bowl taxes done paper recycle bin
4 geometric flower holder side wall cupboard bag to Goodwill
5 3 enamels for Edrill press setup bag to Goodwill
6 Darylee overdress shelf moved/resized yard waste bin
7 pickled beets n eggs WIP shelves setup paper recycle bin
8 filigree center for S 2 shoplights installed x
9 Laurel medallion for S surge protector up x
10 x door for cupboard x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x

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