Thursday, March 23, 2017

the woodcraft of Drusa

in which our plucky heroine pays a visit to a talented friend...

So last week at Arts Evening at Tullia's, Drusa brought her wood steaming equipment, and an assortment of various jigs and wood strips, and we all became the "bender babes" and helped her begin the process of creating Norse tine boxes. Wood strips get steamed in boiling water, then really quickly wrapped around a jig, held in place with multiple angled pegs, all before the strip cools down and the lignin re-solidifies. Then the curled up wood strips get clamped in their new shape. (Extra hands make it a little easier)
She then took them home to finish drying, cut the ends in decorative patterns, glued them in place, and drilled holes to add stitching...

I visited Drusa this afternoon and helped with the decorative stitching (with waxed threads) on some of the boxes. They all still need all the rest of the parts added, the top and bottom, and the side pieces that snap to hold the lid in place

This butternut case will become the sides of a box for me!

The tine box cases from last week's "bender" - Drusa is planning on making more of these tine boxes to sell this tourney season, along with an assortment of other wonderful woodworked goods: including tablet weaving cards, boxes, and maybe some buckets, and other tourney furniture. She has the skills!!


  1. Does she have a place mundane people can shop? I have wanted tablet weaving cards from wood for years.

    1. I will let you know when she has things available for sale... this is a new direction for her, and she is still working out what items to make and where to sell them