Tuesday, March 21, 2017

glorious mud

in which our plucky heroine gets her hands dirty...

I signed up for a just for fun, free, Beginning Ceramics workshop series at the library, 5 short sessions of making things from clay, a crafty medium I last played with as a child. Definitely outside my comfort zone and skill set. (usually the art workshops at the library are one afternoon, not five, and usually more "dry" media, like origami, or book arts, or knitting groups)

A dozen pottery buttons (the raw clay showing the texture of the canvas we rolled the clay out on, yet to be fired and painted) might be a really fun addition to my wardrobe in the future...
This is an experiment, as I have no idea if they will even prove durable enough for use after they are fired, but it would be so nifty to have buttons I made on a sweater or cardigan jacket I made.

I was inspired by some beautifully funky pottery I saw on the internet; this odd little sculptural form will hopefully become a tiny clay flower holder. The pieces in these three photos are my efforts from the three class sessions we have had so far.

Next week we get to paint underglaze on everything we have made so far (which will have been bisque fired in the interim), and the final class, in April, we get it all back, fired again to set the color and with a shiny clear glaze over it all, and will talk about it.

and... as an appropriate soundtrack, an old favorite:

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  1. Hooray - another Flanders and Swann lover! Do you know the ostrich: https://youtu.be/-S4q41dQRyc