Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday fragments

in which our plucky heroine realises that springtime does in fact involve pollen...

Every year, for a few days or more, the sweet scented ornamental plum trees put on a spectacular show in my front yard


Each year I somehow hope that my springtime allergies will not arrive. Each year I am disappointed. For all my young life, springtime simply meant flowers, and no more snow... Then I moved to the PNW, the land where pollen falls like rain*, or sometimes is washed into the street by the rain, leaving the puddles with a vivid yellow rim. Time to go see if the drug store still sells my preferred remedy... sigh... the one that works really well, but takes two to three weeks of daily use to become effective...
* last years giant pollen balls

between other tasks today, I have started a batch of blood orange marmalade... these have already been boiled for several hours, and are in the process of being cut into narrow strips. They then get mixed with sugar and lemon juice, and cooked into marmalade.

Citrus has enough pectin in the white parts to create a gel sans adding anything extra. It will be yummy. I try every year to make enough marmalade of different varieties to last through til next citrus season, although it seems that no matter how much I prepare, it never is actually enough. Uses for tasty marmalade expand to fill however much is in the pantry!

Maybe I am too tired to do any sewing for me tonight, but it has been a productive day: The chicken house is cleaned out, and has nice fresh wood shavings... All the people I needed to contact about enameling and metalwork have received emails and/or drawings... Dishes have been washed, laundry has been done and put away... Some time spent on stitching trim to the current sewing commission... All the new blockprinting and textile paint has been put away... The studio is tidy for the work tomorrow, when I start teaching metalworking. This is a new endeavor, with a private student. I have been teaching enameling for a number of years, but never the basics of metalworking. I began learning metalworking decades ago as a young teen, long enough ago that it all seems mostly second nature to me now. Will be interesting to start at the beginning again for someone else...

March SMART goals (x=extra)
1 grey pinafore green onions plantedpaper recycle bin
2 2 stencils bike tires and tubesyard waste bin
3 black/cream knit top bicycle brakes dead bike tires
4 grey/blue knit top chicken house cleaned x
5 peg people playsetx x
6 needlefelted sheep x x
7 Seville marmalade x x
8 Mandarin Dream jelly x x
9 blood orange marmalade x x
10 x x x
11 x x x
12 x x x
13 x x x
14 x x x

p.s. sadly, my little virtual hamster in the sidebar, after running on the wheel and eating chow pellets for the last ten years, has succumbed to a lack of internet support and started falling apart into bits, so I let them go across the electronic rainbow bridge. Bye bye little hamster...


  1. Your things made is going really well. I'm going to try some scarves this weekend.

  2. Thanks Ruthie... I really pushed hard this past month on the "things made" aspect, since I was WAY behind from where I wanted to be... I aim for at least five entries in each column per month, but it really varies what I manage to achieve