Wednesday, February 1, 2017

wishful Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine looks in the mirror and sees pug eyes...

A week ago I went down with what I figured was an annoying cold/sore throat. Started feeling better on Sunday, but Monday my symptoms came roaring back, along with a sore and somewhat oozing right eye. Yesterday my eye was really inflamed and the whole socket was swollen, so was very grateful that the local clinic was able to fit me in to see the doctor. Fortunately my lungs and sinuses are completely clear. Picked up a prescription for antibiotic eye drops, based on my symptoms, and while the right eye is now somewhat less bulging, and I can actually focus it, my left eye, despite my best efforts to avoid cross-contamination, is now oozing and bulging, with tears dripping down my cheek. I look like a sick pug (and no, there will not be photos)

Fortunately I can simply apply the medicine to both eyes, and with luck, my wish to look human again and see clearly will be granted within a few days. I cannot help but wonder at the correlation between my current illness and the political situation. Breathing and swallowing hurts, and what has been happening here has indeed been "really hard to swallow". My eyes bulge and I cannot stop the harsh salt tears from falling, and indeed, I would be in tears anyway...

I am grateful for the not insignificant blessings of kindly friends and family, who have continued to check in on me during my illness, made sure that basic housely functions continued, and even brought me two bags of groceries so I would have food easy to prepare, ingredients for lemon honey garlic toddy, and even a whole roasted chicken so when I feel too ill to even cook, I can still be nourished. But what nourishes me the most is the strong confirmation that despite my many flaws, I am loved.

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