Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday tidbit - the shapely Viking apron dress

in which our plucky heroine, though still sick as a dog, stashes these instruction here, in case anyone is interested...

This simple to make, simple to cut out, patternless pinafore is based on cloth fragments from the Viking Age. We have almost no completed garments, but tattered fragments were tarred and used as ship caulking; said caulking, recovered from archaeological digs, has been interpreted to be parts of a garment like this one. What I like about this concept is that it is also basically a zero waste sewing project. Helpful nowadays, but much more important back in history when every piece of clothing was made from fibers prepared from the raw wool or flax.

page one of handout sheet

second page of handout sheet

Useful schematic of how this pattern works

worksheet for 3 panel apron-dress

worksheet for 4 panel apron dress

additional notes: It is necessary to make some thin shoulder straps, either from excess fabric on one edge, or from some complementary fabric. This pattern lends itself to embellishment. Since we don't usually hold our clothing together with brooches, unlike in the Viking Age, it would be simple to just stitch the shoulder straps in place fore and aft. For modern wear, any useful finish of the raw edges will do just fine, I usually serge the seams and bind the hemline and the top edge. The missing sheet of my handout is the one on early period seam treatments - here is some similar information, and some more useful seam tips... and here are some decorative seam embroidery stitches

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