Friday, February 3, 2017

a very few Friday fragments

as our plucky heroine tap-types away whilst the wind howls around the corners of Acorn Cottage... (seriously, if home wind generation was at all affordable, a Useful Turbine on the roof here would take care of a great deal of my wintertime energy needs)

Continued progress on the new Noro shawl... this will be so useful and warm when finished, and will look well with every combination of my future clothing. Now I just need to get past being sick, so I can return to stitchery and enameling and all the rest of life

More freezing rain today, and the farthest outside I walked was to feed and water the hens. Sick girl is still sick, though at least my eyes can now focus again, and the camera phone caught a few of the icicle motifs:

blue ice in the backyard

yin yang ice pellet deposits


  1. Your shawl is elegant and pretty. I'm glad you have that knitting to do; it seems to be a comfort and an aid in your healing process.

    1. thank you Carol... unfortunately, the pretty feather and fan pattern didn't end up working well as far as fitting smoothly over my shoulders and down the front, instead it began bunching up around my neckline, which I really dislike. So... I once again frogged the knitting and started over for the third time, using a different pattern entirely. Third times the charm, right?

    2. I hope so; I just took my car to the mechanic for the 3rd time in as many weeks. It's 17 years old though so may have exhausted its possibilities for renewal.