Wednesday, January 11, 2017

wishful Wednesday

in which our plucky heroine accepts the inevitable and attempts not to whinge too much...

Yesterday evening looking out the front window - the snow keeps falling.

The Japanese maple is beautiful with a snow coat

Won't be hanging any laundry outdoors to dry for a while yet...

...and it just keeps coming down, another several inches in the last few hours after dinner; at this rate it will be OVER the tops of my high boots by morning!

almost seven inches deep... 11 PM on Tuesday night

woke up way too early and saw the neighbors cars transformed into snow dragons.

morning today January 11th, a foot of snow, and not done yet...

Remember that artistic Japanese maple from yesterday evening?

The view from the back door is not promising;

there is so much snow that it is tilting and curving, overbalanced on the tops of fence and clothesline.

I managed to make it into the backyard, carefully, because there are chooks that depend on me, tucked inside their house in this no longer pleasant hen-yard

They looked, but were not willing to go sledding; the snow is over their heads out there. I will need to make another trip to hang a waterer inside the chook house. There is a hook inside, under the roofline, for these rare occasions... I can't expect them to go outside when the snow is higher than they are tall!

This morning the backyard was full of unusual sculptures. Rose cages turned into layered snow cones.

Every bit of wire or wood had inches of snow piled up in thin blades of coldness.


Doing my best to pay attention to how beautifully the snow transformed everyday reality, and not to focus on how much more difficult everyday life is when it snows. The weather will be getting colder for a few days before it gets back above freezing, so there will be more ice on all the streets and sidewalks. I managed to stay home all day today, working on tasks that could be done online, and only wrenched my knee a bit while going back and forth across the backyard with chook food and water. But there are some things that need done out in the wide world in the next two days...

One thing I really wish I had thought to do earlier this year would have been to set up a wintertime chook yard, where their house and pen are much closer to the back door of AcornCottage, and where I can create a covered area for them in inclement weather. It makes sense to move their environment to different parts of the yard depending on the season. Where they are now is really good in the summer, as it accesses shade. It also means in the winter when it is frozen, I have to scramble across the icy yard several times a day to tend them. Hindsight is 20/20. Some winters it isn't an issue. Not today, though, and not last week. Sigh...

Something like this would be a possibility, though needs to be a bit larger in the covered run area. And were money, time, and space no object, there are plans for several large chicken structures that combine hen house and hen run, that can be left with the connection between house and run open, because the whole structure is secured against predators. This means that needing to open and close the chook house twice a day is not necessary... they can be left for overnight, or a weekend, with enough food and water, and still be safe from varmints.

January SMART goals
1 black/cream pinafore brown pinafore hemexpired medicines
2 toile for knit pants reframed charterpaper recycle
3 - Wastekeep bid -
4 - - -
5 -- -
6 - - -
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  1. Pretty but inconvenient i understand. Not had any here this year so far but there is time yet.

    1. Apparently the last time Portland had a storm like this was in 1980... I have been working from home, and getting my decluttering a bit further on in the evening. I am tempted to tackle some of my "resource shelves" aka fabric stash this weekend and try and begin to organise it, but I also sort of want to do more SWAP sewing... will have to see which impulse wins out.

  2. While you are housebound, you can work on (design) your idea for a hen house closer to your back door. You and your ladies will all appreciate a more sheltered environment. Could it be on the south side of the house?

    1. I think that the since the back door, and sheltered back porch/carport area are all on the North side of the house, that any wintertime chook habitat would of necessity need to be there also, since access to the south side of the house would entail trekking across the front yard and around. What I might be able to do is to somehow extend a hen run out into the back yard a bit, so as to allow them morning sunlight. Time will tell, and hopefully the snow will not last more than a week or so!