Thursday, January 26, 2017

wheel turn round...

in which our plucky heroine feels rather trompled...

"Small wheel turning by the fire and rod,
Big wheel turning by the grace of God;
Every time that wheel turn round,
Bound to cover just a little more ground..." *

and amongst all the strife and fear, the planet itself keeps on turning, and here in the northern hemisphere, there is sign of springtime awakening. No snowdrops yet, but new green growth from the formerly frozen earth. Must remember that downtime and darkness alternate with effort in the bright world, and take that as a lesson to not give up. As a sign I saw said: "they tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds..." Each of us a seed of our own beautiful gift to the world and the future that includes all of us.

* from "The Wheel" 1972 - Lyrics: Robert Hunter, Music: Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann

I love my neighborhood. Just saying...

Yesterday I felt a little wonky. Last night it turned into a cough and sore throat, and a heaviness in my lungs. I am kind of terrified it will turn into pneumonia, or is already pneumonia. Going to drink a lot of broth with garlic today and hope for the best. Took a nap this afternoon, woke up just in time to put the chooks safely to bed before it got too dark (there have been possum sighted in the neighborhood recently, and yesterday I saw a raccoon a few houses away in broad daylight) Now I am having some tea and grapefruit, and probably going back to bed... our plucky heroine feels very much under the weather

For some reason, the shawl I have been knitting is turning out with an unintentionally wavy edge on both sides. The last time I knit feather-and-fan, only the live edge (the edges with the picots) turned out wavy, the upper edge was flat.

Not sure if blocking will be able to sort this one out... am considering adding a knitted on I-cord to the upper edge to try and decrease the waves. Pretty happy with the alternating colors every four rows between brown marl and blue marl, pretty happy with the picot bind off, just really wish that the interior edge was smooth and not scalloped!


  1. Even with a physical plague you turn out an excellent blog entry. Please care for yourself in the best way possible. We need you in your usual surging creativity!