Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday tidbits

In which our plucky heroine, though sick*, appreciates the bits that can be managed...

Look what has showed up here in the chookhouse! The hens may be as goofy as all getout, but they do the work....


After the debacle of my previous attempt, started a new shawl. This time I dug out the directions I'd printed out back in '09 for the feather-and-fan pattern. Making a plain triangular shawl, not a heart shape. (I have no idea what I was doing on my previous attempt, but it wasn't this) This patterning is completely different, and is what I remembered, a graceful symmetrical series of curves and points. Plus I decided to go ahead and use my few precious skeins of Noro Kuryeon colorway 195. I love the rustic texture of the yarn, and the subtle hues in this lovely (sadly discontinued) colorway, that has all the varied colors that are in my chosen wardrobe

A healthy stand of chickweed... There is quite a bit of this growing in the salad table currently. I planted it on purpose, as an experiment. It happily survived the snow and ice, looked beaten but sprang back to life quite happily... It is a mild green that I like to nibble on, or add as greenery garnish to things....

It apparently is reasonably nutritious, and has proven to grow well in the wintertime without ANY input from me... As part of my goal to have assorted edibles growing around the yard, I intend to encourage it to become feral, in the hopes of having an easy to gather source of occasional winter greenfood. I would love to also have miners lettuce here, and purslane (tasty, crunchy, and slightly tangy) in the hot months... these may be weeds, but the idea of vigorous plantlife to encourage (and lightly harvest for high nutrition content) is very hopeful/helpful in the upcoming hard times...

one perspective on using chickweed, and a different perspective
some information about purslane, and some more information


Did a bit of rearranging of the wardrobe sewing plan, since it is past Winter 6PAC, and while I will be making all the garments, I will instead focus on those that are also part of the SWAP as well as the Springtime 6PAC

# done 6PAC SWAPgarment
1 - - -black linen crop pants
2- - -black chopshop cardigan
3- - - black knit top
4- - - black linen top
5- -- black corduroy pinafore
6 - turquoise shot cotton dress
7- - - blue/grey striped knit top
8 - brown twill pinafore
9- - - brown twill jacket
10- - - black/brown A/C top
11- - black/brown marl knit top
12- - - black/brown flannel shirt
13 - - black/grey handknit wool vest
14- blue floral blouse
15- dark indigo denim pinafore
16- - indigo pinstripe dress
17- - - brown raincoat
18- - - black rain capelet
19 - - black rainhat
20- - brown crop knit pants
21- blue crop knit pants
22- - black crop knit pants
23 - - blue striped batik dress
24- - - brown mushroom blouse
25- - grey corduroy pinafore
26- black/grey/blue stripe dress
27- - - blue knit turtleneck
28- - black/cream wool pinafore
29- - blue/brown A/C cardigan

After playing around with the Sudoku Wardrobe contest concept over on Patternreview during the time that Stitchers Guild was down it occurred to me that adding in an accessories component to the wardrobe plan would be a fun and useful adjunct. I don't need much, but a few things would really add both function and whimsy.
# donecolor(s)accessory
1 black/greyblack cowl, grey pompoms
2 -blue/brownblue cowl, multicolor pompoms
3 -brown/blackbrown everyday hat
4 -indigo/grey/etcdenim everyday hat
5 -turquoise/brownacorn enamel pendant
6 --bag?
7 --daypack?
Both hats would be replacements for current hats that are getting very worn out. Bolt has some interesting looking wool gauze on their website that I want to go look at, it may work well for a new cowl, with multicolor handmade pompoms inspired by these two Jane Carr scarves: grey, and blue

* still quite sick, throat hurts when I swallow, and my eyes are all infected, liquid running like tears down my face. Somehow this seems related to the current events, which are equally hard to swallow, and bring tears to my eyes. A trip to the local clinic and I was able to get a prescription for antibiotic eye drops that will hopefully help my eyes fight of whatever bacteria is causing them to swell almost closed and drip painful and itchy salt tears and goo

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