Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday tidbit

in which our plucky heroine managed to get out on the front porch when it wasn't bitterly cold, or icy, or snowing...

was too cold for a real photo session, but I wanted to get started documenting my first few SWAP garments: This is Over #1, a pinafore made from brown brushed cotton twill, trimmed with black corduroy and a decorative stencil patch. It is worn over Upper #1, a dress made from turquoise Kaffe Fasset shot cotton.

This is Over #2, a pinafore made from some lovely, almost silky, wool, black with tiny flecks of cream. The textured weave and cream "dots" turn the color of the fabric to almost a bittersweet chocolate color*. I am wearing it here with one of my potential candidates for "previously sewn", an everyday top made from the same pattern as my dress, in a black floral print inspired by midcentury design.

(you can just barely see my toile for Lower #1 (knit capri pants) sticking out underneath the hemline - the pastel blue jersey used for the toile is not really well coordinated with any of my colors, but at not quite 40F, it was still really chilly outside today, so keeping my legs warm was the priority! This gives me the general shape of my basic look, but requires imagination to change the color to navy/indigo/brown/black. Future actual capri lower garments will be just a few inches longer, with some subtle trimming as decoration, possibly some reverse AC style applique)

*A closer look at the wool fabric:


  1. Oh these look great! And they are really your style and you are making such great progress.
    Really impressed and hope you are pleased with the huge progress!
    I am sorting out things in the house and have completely lost the plot sewing wise.

  2. Thank you so much! I have been torn between wanting to do more decluttering, and wanting to get some SWAP sewing done, and the SWAP sewing has been winning, probably due to the sorry state of my closet! These pinafores will be very welcome additions. I am tempted to add in some knit tops to my SWAP, as I just turned up a dark grey/cream knit with narrow 1/8" stripes that would work with all of my pinafores.

    I am sure that once you have gotten ahead in the sorting, that you will be back to your sewing... I know that my sorting and organising is nattering at me to get back to it as well... might do a bit with some of the "resource closet" (aka The Stash of Doom) if I end up being snowbound... we have had over 7" of snow tonight and it isn't stopping!