Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday musings

in which our plucky heroine is grateful for friends near and far...

Given the condition of the roads, I was quite surprised that my beloved Blue Cedar House pals decided to come down Saturday to stay overnight and give a helping hand. I was grateful as well for the distraction of guests, given both the weather and my rather unrelenting and painful stiff neck.

Quite a bit of additional progress happened here over the day and a half that they were here: Farbjorn readjusted the textile room over the door shelf to a more level orientation, dragged masses of fresh bedding out to my Ungrateful Hens, and did yeoman service in cooking delicious meals, while his wife, Mindy of the Marvels, aka Thora, helped me dust and cull the bookcase and contents, to allow room for most of the books to be arranged vertically, as contrasted with the prior higgledy-piggledy bookcase.
There are still a cluster of "things" on the near end of the central shelf that need to find appropriate homes (a task for this week) and a stack of books at the far end, paperbacks and Whole Earth Catalogs, that are waiting for two new suitable bookshelves to be built.  In addition, she and I did a very rough first pass through the fabrics in the textile room, ostensibly because we were looking for some particularly useful to her fabrics. The results of our two major weekend projects were three bags for Goodwill, two for Powells credit (hopefully), and a modest amount of paper into the recycle bin.

My neighbor M came over Sunday afternoon, and I taught her how to knit! Later that evening she took me along to a gathering of women preparing for the local womens march this coming weekend. There was a whole room of women knitting pussyhats, and another room of women making placards, and smaller pin on patches to share:


January SMART goals
1 black/cream pinafore brown pinafore hemexpired medicines
2 toile for knit pants reframed charterpaper recycle
3 patches for march Wastekeep bid bag of papers
4 - charters on wall bag of papers
5 -topmost shelf cleared bag to Goodwill
6 - EBT application in bag to Goodwill
7 - bookcase tidied bag to Goodwill
8 - textile shelf leveled bag for Powells
9 - - bag for Powells
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. Great progress! What wonderful friends you have! Your bookshelves remind me of that Mary Poppins song (although the books are not numbers): "A thousand ciphers neatly in a row."

  2. Thank you Carol! I truly am fortunate in my circle of friends, and my Blue Cedar House pals are gems!! I am surprised at how much larger the hallway looks now that the bookcase is more tidy, the size of the space is the same as it was previously, but is feels bigger