Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday musings

in which our plucky heroine returns from seasonal navel gazing....

The first handicraft of 2017, was, appropriately, a bit of adaptation, since the very narrow edgebinding on the new brown twill pinafore promptly folded and flipped up on the stitching line, just as narrow hems on denim often do, as soon as it went through the washer/dryer. (I shall have to remember this tendency, and create some clever hemline treatment for the planned dark denim pinafore later this year.) I cut some heavy black corduroy to end up an inch wide once applied, and am hoping this will encourage the hemline to lie flat. The photo shows the very narrow original binding just below the new wider border.

My next SWAP sewing will likely be both the black/cream wool pinafore, and taking time to rub off a pattern for the loose capri leggings. The weather here is turning bitterly cold (for these parts anyway) with highs forecast around freezing, and lows around 20F. Another layer of nether garments will be welcome, and I just may be able to create some interesting hemline embelllishments on them, maybe some Alabama Chanin style reverse applique borders done separately and applied afterwards could be good transit handwork...

January SMART goals
1 - brown pinafore hem-
2 - --
3 - - -
4 - - -
5 -- -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. The colors of your corduroy binding on fabrics look pretty (gold and dark brown on my computer). Re denim hems curling: I wonder if it would work to face hems with a band of the same fabric with the curl going opposite to that on the outside. The facing & garment would have to be sewn together, perhaps even quilted together, but the opposing direction of curl should tame the fabrics and make them hang straight, shouldn't it?

  2. Thank you Carol! The actual colors of my pinafore are about a milk chocolate brown for the twill, and black for the corduroy - I don't know why the blog interface shifted everything to the gold side of the color wheel...

    I think that you may be on to something with the idea of facing the hem... I ended up doing a similar thing with a knit hemline that was just super cranky about curling up, and I added about a two inch strip to the underside of the hemline, with the curl of the knit going in opposite directions and it counterbalanced the curling... Hmmmm shall have to think about a way to combine subtle embellishment with hemline facing - that will be FUN!