Sunday, January 1, 2017

goalposts for 2017

... in which our plucky heroine takes an annual look at the distance a year makes...

Last year at this time I wrote: I continue forward at what often feels like a snails pace ... and remembering that four years ago I was waiting for the surgery that would give me a chance to continue being alive...
Almost five years out from my cancer diagnosis, I am still grateful to be here, and never take it for granted. I get frustrated at how slowly it seems that I make any progress as far as the eightfold spokes of my life, and continue to remind self that "incremental progress is still progress..."

#1 vocation/avocation -  I did almost no only a little teaching in 2016, a few leatherworking classes, and some enameling open studio time,  and no major projects. I did create a number of delightful smaller projects, some of which were really pushing my ability beyond what I thought possible. Overall, my career remained stagnant and minimal. I did however, complete over 18 charter paintings, and three original charter masters which brought me great satisfaction even if no renumeration.  In 2017 I will actively seek more teaching opportunities, and will refurbish my neglected website or build a new one. In addition, I will remain open-minded about economic opportunities.

#2 health - (in 2015 I injured my right knee badly) in 2016 my left leg developed achilles tendon bursitis, so my mobility remains compromised, despite valiant efforts on my part to encourage recovery. I do have a pedometer function on my new clever gizmo phone, so have been able to measure walking distance again. With great effort I have lost almost ten pounds. In 2017 I will eat more vegetables, drink more water, continue tracking both walking and weight, and continue water exercise and as many other healing modalities as I can arrange.

#3 personal development/education - In 2016 I did only one thing that was actively educational, in that I took a workshop from Jarl Sir Styrkarr at Egils, on Damasquinado de Oro. I also did a great deal of charter painting, and began to focus some attention on scribal arts, and have begun to learn calligraphy. In 2017 I will strive to remember that I enjoy being a student as much or more than I enjoy teaching, and attempt to find one or more ways to indulge myself with that pleasure. I will complete the original scroll I have committed to produce by Grand Thing.

#4 family/friends - pretty much always this is the part of my life where I could say: keep on with doing well... In 2017 I will do my best to continue being a good friend and family member.

#5 household/environment -  In 2016 I continued decluttering my supplies, tools and materials, as well as household goods, with the goal to reach the end of decluttering, I feel like great progress has been made, that the house is noticeably less cluttered. In 2017 I intend to transition to maintenance and organisation, which will have me reach my actual goal to have the household be a support to my creative endeavors.

#6 romance/personal relationships Helplessly hoping, I still wanted a local companion, still had no clue what small steps to take, where to begin, and felt more hopeless than ever... In 2017 I have no idea what I can do to make any changes in this. 

#7 finances - In 2016 my income continued pitiful as my injured legs made movement as well as standing difficult and painful. I did, with help from my online coach, figure out what a liveable income would be, which will hopefully help me set new goals. In 2017 I will strive to increase my income to a more self-sustaining level, assisted by the fact that I am now sixty-two.

#8 fun/recreation - in 2016 I attended some SCA events, hosted a few gatherings here at Acorn Cottage, and enjoyed a three week visit to my east coast family in September. In 2017 I will continue to be active socially, will make a special effort to visit friends outside of the city, and also re-start Crafternoon gatherings once a month.

I would say that overall the eight spoke status report shows a slight but definitely positive trend. "Household/environment" continues to show the most improvement, with the help of my beloved Blue Cedar House pals, and my fabulous online coach. "Fun/recreation" had a few out of town trips that were truly a joy, both SCA camping, and another cross-country train trip to visit my family for most of September.  About the other spokes: career, health, finances, romance/personal relationships...these are aspects of my life that I'd like to pay attention to, but have almost no clue as to what handles to grasp and move to change things.  I shall have to call that progress, even if not as much progress as this impatient girl would like.


  1. Alison, what a lovely and realistic view you present! I continue to be amazed at your creativity in those small projects you share. Thank you!

  2. aw thanks Cherie... Glad that you enjoy the wee glimpses into my everyday life