Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday fragments - pattern development

in which our plucky heroine attempts some new things...

Given the difficulty of tracing a pattern from an extant garment, particularly pants with an elasticated waistband, I decided to try the technique of using blue low tack tape to copy the pattern pieces. It was surprisingly straightforward, mostly...

... although the back piece of the pants pattern didn't initially want to lie flat, not surprising, since the actual garment is several years old and fairly worn. To solve that, I did a variation on a FBA, and slashed the pattern piece, opened it as far as necessary, and taped it down flat. I then measured the width of the slash and removed that amount from the sides of the back leg pattern, so that the pattern did not become significantly wider. This has the benefit of reshaping the back crotch line to a more "L" shape than a "V" shape, which is a shape that is more aligned with how human bodies are shaped.

One unexpected benefit of the blue tape method is that when walking the inseam and the outseam, they both appear to be aligned correctly, which says that I didn't distort anything while applying and removing the tape. The acid test will be making up a toile, and I have a thrifted cornflower blue cotton jersey sheet that will serve nicely. In addition, I just ran across a tutorial in Threads #126 that clearly illustrates how to apply a covered wide elastic waistband, which will be useful in completing this pattern development project. If the toile proves successful, the plan is to create at least three pair of loose capri pants, to be worn under my dresses and pinafores, for addtional warmth in the current bitterly cold weather...

January SMART goals
1 - brown pinafore hemexpired medicines
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4 - - -
5 -- -
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  1. We had the bitterly cold weather here last week. I have one pair of wool pants, which I wear over long underwear (also wool but lined in cotton) when weather is like that. The combination keeps me toasty. You might consider making your pants from wool, too; there's nothing like it for warmth, in my opinion.

    I'm toying with the idea of making more wool pants, as I'm often cold. And a wool sweatshirt-like garment. I keep my house cold (for respiratory and monetary health) but don't like to be cold myself.

  2. Hmmm wool leggings sound lovely, I will see if I have anything suitable, I vaguely remember a length of green merino wool knit, and since I don't wear green as visible clothes, an underlayer would be a good use! Must visit stash after dinner