Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday tidbits

in which our plucky heroine confronts the Perilous Piles of Paper, and is impressed with the creativity of her local pals ...

After last week when I cleared away the paper detritus from the computer zone, it seemed like a natural next step to start dealing with the paper handling systems here at Acorn Cottage. I've a big two drawer file cabinet in the workshop, which has not had any organization applied to it in well over a decade, and in truth, it has been more dead storage than active filing, which is a waste of good cubic. My coach and I decided that the Monday after my holiday/birthday party would be an excellent day for focusing on this project. Through the miracle of technology, I here, and she faraway connected intermittently all day long, while I sorted through piles of papers, emptied and culled file folder contents, discarded/recycled unneeded papers and relabeled the refilled contents of the file cabinet with words that actually were clue-ful for me to access information and images when I need them.

The two full drawers contents were weeded down to part of one, with the remainder of that drawer now holding not-yet-used pads of artist paper, tracing paper, and graph paper for future projects and planning. The second drawer is empty, and will end up storing additional art materials once we move on to a level two organization of the house contents. The end of the level one declutter is actually in sight, as soon there will be no more Boxes of Unknown Contents. My aim is to complete level one by the end of 2016... wish me luck

For the last few years, I've hosted a "Saturnalia" party toward the end of December, as a contradiction in the darkest season, and to celebrate to my own natal day, which occurs at more or less the same time. Not at all a convenient time of year for a party, when every weekend day or evening has multiple events filling the calendar, but needs must.

This last Saturday a delightful assortment of my friends arrived to spend the afternoon or longer in convivial conversation. This year, unlike the last several, there was no specific requirement for Roman food or garb, but my dearly loved and eccentrically creative pals Ursel and Marya were undeterred... You may not remember that last year they were partially responsible for the arrival of the Coliseum, complete with sea battle between gummi bears and gummi sea serpents. This year there was an inspired combination of architecture and geology:
Not everyone gets a holiday/birthday subtlety complete with "documentation" (in the form of an artist rendition of what the Forum at Pompeii probably looked like prior to eruption...)
and... despite some issues with the unexpectedly no longer liquid "congealed" lava (strawberry jam needed a bit of help from a serving spoon in order to break out for suitable pyroclastic flow)
The aftermath of the eruption...
Thankfully for the state of my kitchen, my dear friends were sparing with the powdered sugar "volcanic ash"

December SMART goals
1 wee jambe enamel 5 skirts hemmed
(for Megan)
full paper recycle bin
2 Tullia apron winter turtleneck mendedbag of papers
3 3 knitted dishcloths - bag of papers
4 custom table drape - -
5 candied grapefruit peel- -
6 rum balls - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -
11 - - -
12 - - -
13 - - -
14 - - -


  1. Congrats on the paper organization! And loved the volcano!

    1. the whole Pompeii diorama was the size of the top of my refrigerator, so like about 2 1/2 ft square

  2. A doubly impressive post. A fantastic diorama - what creative and slightly crazy friends you have, they must be wonderful!
    And to work through the filing cabinet for a while day with such progress, what determination. I have a very similar filing cabinet. I suspect it has similar problems! I never quite seem to find time to get to it despite it being important but not urgent. Thank you for sharing. I might make a start today.

  3. What fun! I'm glad you had a special celebration. Happy belated birthday!
    (Lorna - as google won't recognise me again)