Wednesday, November 16, 2016

a bit of breathing room

in which our plucky heroine is grateful for a chance to spend time with friends...

Last weekend was An Tir Collegium, a new educational SCA event, which was held in Pasco, WA.. I had already decided to attend, but not do a presentation (I was honored to have been asked, but my travels earlier this autumn precluded my also having enough prep time for a lecture and handout/bibliography). It was definitely useful to see various ways that other folks put their presentations together, and I have ideas for what I can do next time. A very nifty innovation was that the site token for the event was a tiny thumb drive the size and shape of a credit card, with all the handouts from the event, so that even for the classes (there were nine tracks, some with six or seven classes each) we did not attend we still got some data.

while traveling, we stopped both outbound and return at Maryhill Stonehenge... I love this view (two states and the Columbia River between)

The view in the opposite direction. I'd never been here before at this time of year, and the bits of autumnal color were a delight. Plus windmills. I love the windmills.

Driving across eastern Washington on the way home, the power lines formed a cohort of giant electric cats marching alongside the highway

Back at Stonehenge, the day was heading towards sunset, and the sky was much more dramatic

And, my excellent traveling companions... Marya, Ursel, and Mea


Alas, I think that the cold, that I have been attempting to fight off since the weekend, is winning... I feel like crap, and a return to bed is seeming more and more like a good idea. I am too wobbly to keep trying to solder bezels. Seems like every time I stay in a hotel I come home sick... time to go put the chooks to bed and then do the same for myself


  1. "...giant electric cats..." Thank you for this most amusingly appropriate phrase. I've been more prone to War of the Worlds imaginings but I like yours SO much better.
    Best wishes on shaking the cold. I've been fighting one off too, while I also get treatment for atrial fibrillation - where the heck did THAT come from? But also sewing. Lots of sewing ;-)

    1. Joyce - I hope that your treatments are entirely successful, and that you feel better soon! My cold is mostly gone now (almost a week later). Yay for lots of sewing!