Tuesday, October 18, 2016

via the train, the last leg

So after that tasty lunch, our plucky heroine returns to Union Station... Heading back, I noticed these decorative cast iron gratings inset into the walls of the corridor back towards the central areas.

This is shower room #2, the accessible shower in the first class lounge. I took full advantage of the chance to have a relaxing bathtime, in a larger space that wasn't constantly moving, as soon it would be time to board the Empire Builder on the final leg of my long long trip. There is a shower available in the sleeping cars, but nothing like this ... Indeed, I wish that Acorn Cottage had a lovely walk in shower space instead of the Terrible Tub!

An abandoned building, one of many seen in the back parts of cities where the train lines run. The patterns the blocked, unblocked and broken windows made seemed to me a kind of wabi sabi gridwork

Soon enough, we were out of the really urban zones and back into the heartland of the continent. The first morning we passed through a lot of rain, which mostly precluded much photography, but I managed this one as the clouds were lifting

Dinner in the dining car, looking out the window past my own reflection to the lights beyond. Pretty much the only time I eat steak is when I am on the Empire Builder. The Amtrak "signature steak" is the best dinner on the menu, and is truly delicious.

A huge flock of pigeons swooping in an aerial dance around these buildings...
Ah... these are perhaps grain elevators? (which would explain the reason for all the birds?) This ignorant bicoastal woman is embarrassed by how much she does not know, but I do know that every day and every place has its own beauty

As the mist rises on the second day, in this field the hay bales are sharp edged rectangles...

... while in the next field, the bales are, instead, huge bristly sharp edged cylinders wrapped in green

In far more places than two years ago, plantations of windmills were visible from the tracks. (As well, I was surprised to see quite a bit of solar panel deployment in Massachusetts, again far more than on my previous trip)

Approaching the Rockies, and Glacier National Park... A bit more snow on the eastern faces of the Rocky Mountains... but sadly by the time we were well into the mountains it was full dark, so no photo opportunities, just time for sleeping...

And in the morning, one final view of my temporary conveyance...

looking from the roomettes towards the actual first class bedrooms, the central corridor makes a bend and then runs along one side of the rail car, as the few actual bedrooms are a bit more "spacious"...

it was a good trip, and if life allows, I will do it again in another two years.


  1. Very much enjoyed the travelogue, such a civilised way to travel.

  2. glad to know that you liked my "documentary"