Saturday, October 15, 2016

into indigo...

in which our plucky heroine had a blue Wednesday...

Last week was the final week of the Mood Indigo exhibit at SAAM in Seattle. I have some dear friends who live not far from there, and an excursion was planned.

A three hour ride on Bolt took me across state lines and between cities. The transit tunnels in downtown Seattle are deep underground. I took one bus from where Bolt dropped us off in the International District to where I could catch the electric bus to my friends abode. After taking the elevator up one level, after wandering about for a bit, I found this escalator up to the surface, and arrived, blinking in the daylight, in front of Benaroya Hall...

The composition of the photo really pleases me, as well as gives a real sense of the dizzying effect of the steep moving escalators.

It was impossible to see and photograph all the amazing textile art in the show, and still have any time to actually take in some of the beauty. And for various reasons, M and I had only about an hour and a half there, before the museum closed for the night. I am very grateful to have had a chance to see this particular show, and hope to get back to the museum again at some point...

dynamic asymmetry on an African garment

resist dyed Japanese bed cover

wonder what other dyes were used, besides indigo

embroidered border on Chinese wall hanging

detail of embroidery on silk

embroidered Chinese roundel

weft dyed futon cover

farmer jacket in shibori and sashiko

furoshiki decorated in sashiko

Korean carrying cloth pieced from many small bits of indigo fabric

Japanese rabbits, doing things

this spherical Japanese bunny reminds me of "the rabbit in the moon"

shibori herringbone, plus a closer look...

love the combination of stripey sleeves with figured body

Uzbek multicolored ikat...

padded tie-quilted bedding

This "sacred shawl" was in some ways the most impressive object I saw in the entire show; the level of detail in the weaving took my breath away... this is only two small sections (from Sumatra, Indonesia, from the Batak culture)

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